The Einglocke is a challenge created by Eing RH and it consist in used a certain modified version of Pokémon Ruby.

  • Note: The ROM is only available in Spanish.


  1. Use of the Storage System is forbidden. The game will reject the player if they try to access to the PC for Pokémon Storing.
  2. You can't buy nor sell items in the Pokémart. The clerk will say that the player has to survive only with found items.
  3. Fast run. Try to complete the League in the minimun time possible, avoiding trainers and wild encounters.
  4. Fleeing from a wild encounter is forbidden. The game will not allow it.
  5. Wild Pokémon and trainers will always be the same level as your strongest Pokémon.
  6. Try to lose the less times possible.

After completing the Pokémon League, you will receive a score based on your playthrough. The fewer score, the better.

  • Note: If you want to check your score through the game, you can talk to a man in the Pokémon Center.


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