The Egglocke is a ruleset first created by user William Syler of However, the ruleset has been changed drastically since it was first created, as the original idea was not possible in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. While it may have still kept it's name, its gameplay is now completely different.

The Egglocke format was highly popularized by Youtube.

The Rules Edit

Catching & Hatching Edit

  1. You may only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in each new area you explore. Fail to catch it and you get nothing for the area. (Rule doesn't apply until the player first obtain pokeballs)
  2. Every caught pokemon needs to be swapped out for an egg
  3. The eggs will be provided by other people (players, subscribers, friends, etc...)
  4. "Dupes Clause " is recommended, to add to the uniqueness of each Pokemon. This means you do not count any hatches against any Pokemon whose species you have already obtained.

Other Edit

  1. All Pokemon must be nicknamed
  2. If one of your Pokemon faints, you must release* it... is dead.
*Permanently boxing a "dead" Pokemon is also acceptable for archival purposes; it still must never be used in-game after it faints.
Egglocke Rule Video02:40

Egglocke Rule Video

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