Dylan Johnson is the co-protagonist of The Nuzlocke Duo series. Not much is yet known about his past, but he is a Nuzlocke trainer and part-time inventor with an unlucky streak. He has frequently mentioned a "curse" which may have something to do with the insane amounts of slapstick violence he has to put up with, but in many cases, his own irresponsibility or blatant ignorance is the cause for the injuries he has to deal with, sometimes likening him to the role of the unsympathetic comedy protagonist. He met Stinkies, his traveling companion, by chance. Parachuting in to Sinnoh on a mysterious personal mission, Dylan crashed into a tree near her and Rowan, the professor she acted as an assistant to. He had a mysterious connection with Mesprit, the guardian of Lake Valor, which caused Professor Rowan to ask Stinkies to accompany him on his journey.


Incredibly unlucky and prone to unusual amounts of slapstick violence, Dylan is someone who is both oblivious to the world around him and yet very self-aware. Uneducated in the traditional sense with a surprising lack of common sense, but cool as a whip thanks to his own self-determination and wit, Dylan surprises many by revealing that he is a technical prodigy and loves to build inventions and perform experiments. He has an air of confidence about him that he was born with. He is also stubborn and open, willing to talk about literally anything to others. He doesn't possess much of a filter.

Dylan embraces his fate as the universe's iron butt monkey, due to him being so prone to danger. He still questions why he has to go through so much pain and seems to be on a journey to discover why he has such grim cosmic luck. He is a daredevil and willing to try every--and any--thing if someone puts him to the task. He is not one to decline any sort of dare, but this can oftentimes get him into plenty of trouble. He will do anything for the sake of attention; he loves being the center of it in any given situation which many can find to be an annoying quality. His sense of humor is undeniably immature: he finds bodily functions to be hilarious.



Dylan has an older brother named Steven, who he was really close with. Steven left home to become a Trainer, and the boys' mother, Keira, made Dylan stay home because she missed Steven and didn't want to lose Dylan, too. Dylan started to hate Pokémon because he blamed them for Steven leaving home and not being around anymore. When Dylan was 13, his rebellious attitude became too much for his mother, who sent him to a Trainer's Camp under the tutelage of Professor Oak in the Kanto region. He carries around Steven's old journal, which inspired Dylan to travel and see the world, even when he feels aimless and unknowing of what his future holds.

At camp, he learned all about Pokémon training. He built his own Pokédex, LINDA, which stands for Leading Intelligence as a Nuzlocke Data Archiver. He registered for the more premium, difficult form of Pokémon training known as the "Nuzlocke Challenge" by mere accident.

He went on a Nuzlocke adventure through Kanto, and sometime afterward, parachuted into Sinnoh on a personal mission of unknown detail.

Shiny Diamond and Flawless PearlEdit

Details later.


Dylan has owned a multitude of Pokémon on his adventures with Stinkies.

Shiny Diamond and Flawless PearlEdit

Poppycock the Piplup --> Prinplup ♂ was Dylan's starter in the Sinnoh region, received from Professor Rowan to welcome him to the region. Poppycock has an odd personality, talking like an old-timey gentleman. He even wears a monocle and has a gray mustache. His catchphrase is "I say!" He is a strong battler and loyal companion, never showing much defiance, even to his master's sometimes-ridiculous antics.
Puff the Drifloon --> Drifblim ♀ was the third Pokémon Dylan caught in the Sinnoh region, at the Valley Windworks.
Fidget the Pachirisu ♂ was the fifth Pokémon Dylan caught in the Sinnoh region. Fidget is a troublemaker and incredibly mischievous. He does not like Dylan and constantly zaps him with electricity. He was left in the Day Care upon Dylan's initial arrival in Solaceon Town, alongside Stinkies' Pachirisu, Poppy.
Shannon the Cherubi --> Cherrim ♀ was the sixth Pokémon Dylan caught in the Sinnoh region.
Backfire the Ponyta ♀ was the seventh Pokémon Dylan caught in the Sinnoh region.
Poots the Stunky ♂ was the eighth Pokémon Dylan caught in the Sinnoh region.


Sparkles the Shinx --> Luxio ♀ was the first Pokémon Dylan caught in the Sinnoh region. Sparkles was a big crybaby and was overly attached to her trainer. She evolved into a Luxio rather quickly, but perished soon after while fighting Mars' Purugly at the Valley Windworks. She was buried there.
Chirpy the Starly --> Staravia ♂ was the second Pokémon Dylan caught in the Sinnoh region. Chirpy has a cocky personality and thinks that he is a ladies bird. He evolved shortly before the gym battle with Gardenia, where he got too cocky and succumbed to poisoning from Gardenia's Roserade.
Dustin the Wurmple --> Silcoon --> Beautifly ♂ was the fourth Pokémon Dylan caught in the Sinnoh region. Dylan desperately hoped that Dustin would evolve into a Dustox instead, and found himself disappointed. Dustin was used as a sacrificial lamb so that Dylan could heal Puff the Drifloon in battle and was killed by Gardenia's Roserade.



Dylan's reference sheet from Shiny Diamond Flawless Pearl


Dylan's favorite Pokémon of each type were revealed gradually throughout the month of August 2016 on the pair's deviantArt page, by the POKEDDEXY Challenge. Unfortunately, this journey has been quite rough on poor Dylan, but... he can handle it. To get a better look at his tastes in Pokémon, check out these hand-drawn traditional sketches here.


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