DustySapphire: World Tour is a series of Nuzlcokes by Dustyfootwarrior going through every Pokemon region for the main series. 

The entire Series is dedicated to Dusty's Grandpa (passed 9/14/12) and Nonnie (passed 9/28/12) who both passed away 1 week away from each other during the beginning of the Nuzlockes. The first page was posted on September 16th, 2012, 2 days after Grandpa's passing. The comics are still ongoing.

Despite its sad beginning, the comics are comedy based, usually involving the main character, Dusty, doing random and stupid things.


  1. If a pokemon faints, its dead. Must be permanently boxed.
  2. You must catch first pokemon each route. If it faints, too bad.
  3. Dupes Clause: have 3 tries to get a different Pokemon.
  4. Shinies are pretty, and therefore can be caught without rules breaking. If one shows up when Pokeballs aren't available yet, you can curse it all you like. It gets no pizza. Deal with it.
  5. If too lazy to catch a Pokemon, the area is dead.
  6. If two Pokemon are caught on a route, you must shout Craiky and pretend to be Steve Urwin for the rest of the page.
  7. If you find these rules ridiculous, you get a cookie.
  8. Nicknames. Nicknames everywhere.

Total storyEdit

(summary goes here)

Comic runsEdit

individual runs MC game starter status notes
DustySapphire Paul Sapphire Mudkip ongoing Rival: Wallykarp
DustyCrystal Yugi Crystal Chikorita Rival: Silvia
DustyPlatinum Platinum Chimchar
DustyFireRed FireRed Bulbasuar
DustyX X Froakie planned
DustyBlack Black Snivy


  • People cannot speak or understand any Pokemon language. Pokemon instead usually speak English. The only Pokemon that can't speak English is Wallykarp.

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