A Dreylocke is a nuzlocke variation, created by Ender from The Enderman Channel on YouTube.

Dreylocke Rules Edit

Main Rules

1. You may only evolve one chosen Pokemon once you beat each gym.

2. You may only have six Pokemon in your party.

3. If a Pokemon faints once, it's considered a zombie and can only be used as a death fodder. If it faints twice, it is dead and can only be "purified" by being kept in a PC for a whole gym. Only one Pokemon may be purified at a time.

4. Your Pokemon may never hold an item (With the exception of an everstone or evolutionary item).

Minor Rules

  • You may not have two of the same Pokemon
  • Battle mode must be on Set
  • You may not release any Pokemon
  • Berries may not be used
  • Hydreigon is forbidden to catch. (Just a 'lil joke :P)

More Information Edit

You can also check out the original set of rules from the page!

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