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Scarlets nuzlocke opening video01:07

Scarlets nuzlocke opening video

ScarletNuzlocke's First Nuzlocke run, was originally called Scarlet's Nuzlocke but part way was changed into DreamCatchers Nuzlocke (DCN)


DCN follow's the story of Scarlet Nuzlocke. A 10 year old girl who was abandoned by her parent when she was 5 and brought up by her Aunt and younger cousin Red. On her journey she meets new pokemon, people as well as old as her past slowly starts to catch up to her, is there something she want's to hide?


Besides the main rules there were a few extra's added

1. Can only get one pokemon from game corrner.

2. Can only enter Safari Zone once.

3.Can only catch the first pokemon in the first area in each area of the safari zone.


DCN can be read on Deviantart and the Nuzlocke_Forum's

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