by Kolala-Bear and Daniela V.
Began Jan 20, 2013
Status ongoing
# Chapters/Updates 6 pages
Finished ongoing
Game information
Game ruby & sapphire
Region Hoenn
Chosen starter's type fire & water
Comic description
Media comic
Coloring full color
Protagonist two of original design
Story details
Plot original
Pokemon they speak but most people don't hear them
Nuzlocke Forum
dA gallery

Doubllocke is an interesting double run of pokemon ruby and sapphire, published by Kolala-Bear, where the two games interact by the characters in one story


1. Base rule - You may only capture the first encountered pokemon on each route/cave/building/forest/spaceship/etc.

  • b. We may each capture the main legendary of our game, however we cannot use the legendary in battle
  • c. We may each capture 2 pokemon at the safari zone, any pokemon we wish, not just the first encounters

2. Base rule - if a pokemon faints, it's dead.

  • a. If one of us loses all our pokemon, the other can give the loser up to 3 of their pokemon. After that, it's game over
  • b. What you thought there would be more exceptions to this? THEY'RE DEAD!! DEAL WITH IT.

3. We cannot, the two of our teams combined, have two of the same pokemon at once. If we encounter a pokemon that one of us has in the wild as our first, we have two more chances to find something new, or we cannot capture anything in that route at all.

  • a. This also includes different pokemon from the same evolutionary line.

4. We must walk "side by side", meaning we have to stay on the same route/city at the same time, and go to face the gyms at the same time as well.

5. Because of rules 3 and 4, we will be flipping a coin to see who gets to capture a pokemon first on each route. One of us is always heads, the other will always be tails, it will NEVER change.


when moving Clyde and Dann found two pokemon cartdrige and where absorbing by them, transporting them into the pokemon world



  • Clyde: she was absorbed by the ruby cartdrige when she was moving, is Danns friend, she choose a mudkip as her starter and use a
  • Dann: she was absorbed by the sapphire cartdrige and is friend of Clyde. she choose torchic as her starter and use a grafarig back pack

Teams descriptionEdit

Clyde's teamEdit

  1. Riu: Clyde's mudkip, it's name means river
  2. Link: is Clyde's poochyena

Dann' teamEdit

  1. Flickr: is Dann's torchic, it's male but ti seems that Dann thinks that it's female
  2. Truja: is Dann's zigzagoon


  • it seems that Link have some knowledge of the legend of Zelda's plot


it can be found in Kolala's dA gallery and

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