Description Edit

Dicelocke is a variant that restricts your party members based on a dice roll. Each member you catch will be assigned a number, and only one Pokemon from each number can be on your party at once. Static and Given Pokemon are also allowed to be used, but come at a price!

The Rules Edit

1) When you choose your starter, roll a six-sided die.

1-2: The First One

3-4: The Second One

5-6: The Third One

Optional: Just choose which one you like, then roll a die and assign it that number.

2) When you enter a Area, roll a six-sided die. Remember this number.

3) The first Pokemon you encounter on that route will be assigned that number.

It's suggested that you nickname them with that number in it, so you can easily remember.

Ex. Roll a 2, catch a Weedle, then name it: 2 - Weeds, or Waddle (2), or 2Drills ... I'm a horrible namer.

4) That Pokemon can now be the only number 2 in the whole team. Eventually you will catch enough Pokemon to have a 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 on the team... or be stuck soloing with just a 2 on the team, and ten 2's in your PC.

5) Other than your starter, all static or given Pokemon have a special rule. They do not count as the encounter for that area, but if caught, they require a sacrifice to be used. You must choose a Pokemon in the PC or the Party, and sacrifice it (Release or put in the Death Box). The static/given Pokemon then takes over that Pokemon's spot.

Ex. Catch a Zapdos, and sacrifice you 2Drills. 2Drills is now dead, and Zapdos becomes a 2 Pokemon, with a cooler, better 2 name. Such as Zapdos... (Get it?)

This allows you to boost a number slot that currently has less than adequate Pokemon in it. You cannot however, fill an empty number slot.

Ex. If you have no living #5 Pokemon, your Zapdos cannot be made a #5 Pokemon.

Optional Rules Edit

1) To make the game easier, Static/Given Pokemon do not need a sacrifice. Instead, just roll a die after catching it and assign it that number.

2) Or, Static/Given Pokemon can be seen as gods, and therefore they can be used in any slot, and are considered numberless. You can decide to do this with or without the sacrifice being needed still.

3) The "Dupe" rule that is generally used in Nuzlockes can be locked to each number. Therefore you cannot have two 1 - Weedles, but you can have a 1-Weedle, 2-Weedle and 5-Weedle.

Extra Material Edit

I've also made an excel sheet to keep track of everything if you prefer that. I've attached a link to that google drive. I've added a few examples to help clarify how the chart is used, and how this variant works. Most of the columns are colour-coded too!

  • Just type in the correct words and they'll change colour. "Dice Roll" works for the numbers 1-6, "Type 1 and Type 2" work for all types, and "Alive" Works for Yes or No.

Dicelocke Excel Sheet Edit


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