DitR Cover

The cover for Chapter 1 of Diamond in the Rough

DitR Cover Redux

The cover for the upcoming Chapter 2 of DitR.

Diamond in the Rough (abrieviated to DitR), is a Diamond run written and drawn by Canadian Artist Inudono19. The story revolves around the Protagonist, Brandon, discovering the mysteries of Sinnoh's chosen heroes. The first page was released August 22nd, 2011 and is still ongoing. It is the spiritual successor to Inudono's first comic 'Heart of Gold,' which was made a year prior. The two stories are part of the 'Inuverse' and take place around the same time.

The RulesEdit

Diamond in the Rough follows the basic Nuzlocke rules, with a few additions:

  1. Any Pokemon that faints is considered dead, and cannot be used again.
  2. Catch the first Pokemon found in each area, and no others.
  3. If a double is found as the first in the area, then one mulligan is allowed.
  4. No Stat Boosting Items like Protein, Iron, etc.
  5. No Battle Items


The story is about a trainer named Brandon; who, along with his two friends Maria, and Apple, set out to find proof of the legendary Pokemon living in Lake Verity. While unsuccessful in that goal, they did come across Zaru the Chimchar, Tai the Piplup, and Yashi the Turtwig. Belonging to Professor Rowan, he tasks the three to document the areas of Sinnoh and the Pokemon who reside there. Brandon and Zaru pair up to begin this endeavor; but are soon swept up in something much larger.

The BackstoryEdit

The events of the Inuverse take place 700 years after a Great Evil was sealed away on Mount Silver, by a group of meta-humans known collectively as the Protagonists. These men and women were chosen by Arceus to bridge the gap between Humans and Pokemon, and were given a spiritual connection to their homelands Legendary Pokemon. When the Protagonists sacrificed themselves to defeat this Great Evil, it was prophecized that they would return one day; which is where Diamond in the Rough begins.


Straw Hat Gijinkas

The full roster of Pokemon captured, as of Chapter 1.


  • Many of the Pokemon featured in DitR have personalities comparable to characters from the manga 'One Piece.' This is reflected more obviously during fight scenes as characters often shout their attacks, with captions at the bottom of the panels.
  • While there have been a number of fights where the art style changes to where the Pokemon are seen as Gijinkas, only Uxie and Dialga's humanoid forms are officially canon.


Diamond in the Rough can be found and read on Inudono's Deviantart gallery , or on the Nuzlocke Forums.

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