Nuzlocke diamond cover by ky nim

Diamond Run Cover

Diamond RunEdit

Diamond Run: Legend of Sinnoh is a Diamond Nuzlocke by ky-nim. It was completed in 2013 and can be read On her Deviant Art. There is also a White Run ongoing.

The RulesEdit

The basic rules are applied.

1. Any Pokemon that faints is considered dead, and must be Permaboxed.

2. Only the first Pokemon ecountered will be caught. no second chances.

3. Nickname all Pokemon.

4. No Duplicates.

5. No legendaries. Shines are OK.

6. Mt. Coronet counts as two areas.


Lucas loves Kynim. Halsi loves Lucas. Kynim just wants to train pokemon without being bothered by her sister and that annoying boy! Can Ky survive this life and become a pokemon master, or will she end up going crazy?

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