The Darklocke is a nuzlocke Variant created by wikia user Dr. Derpface and was added here for explanatory reasons.

Darklocke Rules

When a Pokemon has fainted, roll a die.

1-2 The pokemon Is DEAD FOREVER.

3-4 Revive pokemon, exept that it's a zombie now.


Cannot Evolve

Cannot learn a new move after it knows 4 moves

Cannot hold an item other than Everstone.

Likewise, it cannot Mega Evolve.

Must be renamed Zombie

5-6 Fully Revived

While you have a Dead pokemon in your party

Cannot Battle against Wild Pokemon. The Only exeption for the Bravery Clause.

Likewise, you can't catch another Pokemon until Dead Pokemon are released or permaboxed. Required Captures are the only exeption.

Cannot use Pokemon Center until Dead Pokemon are released or permaboxed.


Cats Have 9 lives. Revive them 8 times before the Dice Rule kicks in. Pokemon are

Litleo Pyroar Absol Meowth Persian Skitty Delcatty Purrloin Liepard Shinx Luxio Glameow Purugly Luxray Espurr Meowstic

Legendaries will be explained shortly Ghosts Don't die. Revive Ghost-Types infinitly

Legends are Immortal. Legendary Pokemon can be revived as much as you want.


Only 1 in your party at a time

Cannot be the only pokemon in your party.

Can only be used in Battle if it is the only CONSCIOUS pokemon in party.

Bravery Clause

You simply cannot run from wild battles.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Darklocke comes from "Darkness" and "Nuzlocke"
  • Coincidentally, there is a Twitter user named Dark Locke, but this Nuzlocke Variant has nothing to do with said Twitter user.

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