Dark Skies is the second nuzlocke in the Nuz series. It takes place after Omega Cries and is still on-going.

Dark Skies: A Pokemon Black Nuzlocke
by ScorchietheGamer
Media Story
Began NA ( To Be Made )
Status Completed
# Chapters/Updates NA ( To Be Made )
Finished NA ( To Be Made )
Game information
Game Pokemon Black
Region Unova
Chosen starter's type Water
Story details
Genre Adventure/Surival
Plot After being sent to Unova to relax after her last journey, Pokemon trainer Nuz sets out with her new pokemon to save Unova from the evil Team Plasma but soon finds it is harder than last time.
Pokemon Yes, Only Main Character
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Main Characters Edit

Humans Edit

Nuz: Current champion of Hoenn, Nuz set out on her new pokemon journey in the Unova region with her new starter, Oshawott.

Cheren: One of Nuz's new rivals, even though he is less annoying to Nuz than Bianca, he does bother her. His starter was a Snivy.

Bianca: One of Nuz's new rivals, her weakness annoys Nuz because she always has to help her. Her starter was Tepig.

N: Team Plasma's king and Nuz's main rival. Nuz kinda looked up to him until he killed her Gurdurr ( Buster ) in a battle. He is teamed up with a Zekrom.

Main Pokemon ( Current Region ) Edit

Bethos ( Oshawott ): Nuz's first Unova pokemon. He was sly and naughty and picked fights with Nuz's other pokemon. He was killed by a Plasma Grunt in Pinwheel forest.

Parker ( Unfezant ): Nuz's main pokemon after the deaths of Buster and Bethos. He took down the electric and ground gyms single handily and is Nuz's best friend.

Buster ( Gurdurr ): Nuz's main pokemon after Bethos who took down the second gym. He had a Scottish accent and was killed by N.

Kyrak ( Stoutland ): One of Nuz's current pokemon. He is best friends with Parker and also has a Scottish accent like Buster.

Evenary ( Seismitoad ): One of Nuz's current pokemon and her second favorite, he is good friends with Parker and has a serious fear of battles after his near death experience. Is killed in the Pokemon League.

Jon ( Excadrill ): One of Nuz's main pokemon until his death along side Deanfu ( Meinfu ) in the Ice gym.

Jimms ( Pawnard ): A silent Pawnard who made it to league but was later killed.

Pokemon ( Past Region ) Edit

Heneff: Nuz's Breloom who lives at Professor Birch's Lab with Pipkip. She contacts Nuz pretty often and gives her advice.

Pipkip: Nuz's Swampert who lives with Heneff, he can be seen with Heneff when she calls Nuz.

Ashien: Nuz's Skarmory who has a long distance relationship with Parker.

Story Edit

To Be Made

Extra Points Edit

  • Parker is current way over leveled than the other pokemon in Nuz's team due to the fact of having to battle with it single handily in the electric gym.
  • It is unknown how Ashien and Parker keep in touch, but they met each other the time Nuz came back to Hoenn after beating the last gym in Unova before the League.
  • The Black nuzlocke is currently Nuz's worst, for being unable to keep a team.
  • Nuz wasn't able to beat the league champion was able to defeat N.

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