The cover for the Cursedlocke comic.

Cursedlocke is a comic based on a Nuzlocke run of Pokemon White. It follows a twenty-one year-old law student, Maxwell Burgess, from the real world. After being sucked into the Pokemon World by a demon, he is now forced to defeat the eight Unova gyms, the Elite Four, and the champion in order to remove his curse. The comic was started on 26th August, 2012 by Vuro (or Burgess as he's known on the Nuzlocke Forums) and is still in progress.

The RulesEdit

Defined by the demon who whisked Maxwell away into the Pokemon world, the rules of the curse are as follows:

  1. If a Pokemon faints, it is trapped in the PC.
  2. Only the first Pokemon encountered in each area can be captured, the exceptions being in-game trades, gift Pokemon, and shinies.
  3. Legendaries can be caught, but not used in battle.
  4. If the player ever whites out, it's an instant game over, even if there are usable Pokemon in the PC box.

It must also be noted that the starter Pokemon, Oshawott, was switched with a Bulbasaur egg at the very beginning of the game.


While going about his normal life in the human world, Maxwell is confronted by a demon, who asks Maxwell if he wishes for a means to escape his disatisfying life in the real world (or at least what we all consider the real world). Unknowing the demon is actually making him an offer, he says yes, and the demon immediately considers the conversation a sealed deal. In return for sending him to the Pokemon World, he is cursed with the conventional rules of a Nuzlocke Challenge, and the only means of breaking this curse is to defeat the Unova Pokemon champion in battle. If he fails, not only will he be sent back to the real world, but all Pokemon under his ownership will die. Now, Maxwell has to learn how to adapt to this new world, as well as how to interact with the many people and Pokemon he will meet on his journey.

With an interesting take on the Nuzlocke rules, Cursedlocke not only gives readers the reason for the raised difficulty, but makes the curse itself a major focus of the story. Maxwell and his Pokemon are not the only characters affected with some sort of curse, which makes the stakes even higher and the plot even more interesting. The comic is also fully colored from page one and quickly increases in quality as it progresses.


(Be warned, for this section contains spoilers)

Maxwell Burgess

Before suddenly becoming a Pokemon trainer, Maxwell was an unhappy law student attending UCLA. A musician at heart, Maxwell would much rather study music, but his parents threatened to pull his college fund if he chose a major within the school of arts. Although Maxwell is now a Pokemon trainer, he has little faith that he will be able to overcome the curse and believes it is inevitable that he will return to his old life.


Like Maxwell, Belle has also encountered the demon, which resulted in her being afflicted with a curse that has robbed her of her talent. Regardless of this, Belle is a very formidable trainer (so one can only imagine how great she could be if she weren't cursed). She quickly befriended Maxwell after their first battle and has no problems asking him for favors or help.


Even though Cheren and Belle have been close friends since early childhood, Cheren is too cynical to believe in Belle's talk of curses and demons, and it causes him much frustration every time the subject comes up. After learning of Maxwell's curse, he sought to defeat him in battle so he could prove to Belle that curses are absolute nonsense. Despite this, he and Maxwell are on good terms.


A forward young man about Maxwell's age, N became acquainted with Maxwell in Accumula following a street presentation held by Team Plasma. He becomes interested in Maxwell after he admits that even though he's taking the Pokemon League challenge, becoming the Pokemon Champion is hardly all that appealing.


Currently owned:

  • Jaque (Bulbasaur => Ivysaur) - Maxwell's starter. As he was hatched under Maxwell's care, he has inherited much of Maxwell's mild demeanor. He is confident in his abilities, but too laid-back to be much of a boaster.
  • Earle (Pansear) - Obtained in Striaton City at Lv. 10. After proving too difficult for his trainer to handle, Earle was passed onto Maxwell as he entered Striaton City. This selfish Pansear sees himself as near-invincible and is always eager to start a fight.
  • Tabunne (Audino) - Caught in the Dream Yard at Lv. 11. With her calm attitude and cute looks, it's obvious that this Pokemon instantly became Maxwell's favorite upon capture. Though polite, she's just as tough as anyone else on the team
  • Maiyu (Sewaddle) - Caught in Pinwheel Forest at Lv. 14. Her behavior is very odd, as her sentences are sometimes oddly structured and her mood can change from hostile to mild at the drop of a hat.


  • Terry (Lillipup) - Maxwell's first catch. Terry had only recently become acquainted with his trainer before he fell to Belle's Tepig, Bosco.


  • At first, the author inserted himself into the comic as a protagonist, but eventually decided to create a different one from scratch. The first two pages, a prologue of sorts, still have the old protagonist in them, though it doesn't seem to affect the story.
  • While the protagonist in the prologue was able to understand the speech of his own Pokemon, Maxwell doesn't seem to have that ability. The author implied, however, that it may change with time, as the demon promised to give Maxwell rewards for obtaining the Unova badges.
  • Because the White Version cartridge used for this run was Japanese, some traces of the original Japanese names remain, such as Bianca being referred to as Belle.


Cursedlocke is available on Vuro's deviantArt and in its Nuzlocke Forums thread.

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