This is my first page, so please clean up.

Critlocke is a ruleset I came up with in the process of trying to make my game increasingly difficult.

It has the regular nuzlocke ruleset of course, and also has the following rules:

  1. only 1 use of the pokecenter per town. additional uses can earned by defeating a gym leader, and rushing your pokemon to the pokecenter (explained later)
  2. If your pokemon gets hit wih a critical hit, choose a random move (RNG it, whatever), and it can no longer be used. Crits do stack. If your pokemon has no moves it can use, it dies. After a battle in which one of your pokemon got injured (crit hit) you must rush your pokemon to the nearest pokecenter. Or, you can discard a potion/ some healing item to do on the spot first aid. You then gain one pokecenter use, but you don't have to use it right away. You can only have 1 free use "stored at a time", so if your pokemon gets crit hitted multiple times, you still only have 1 visit (poke health insurance is really stingy :)
  3. At the pokecenter, flip a coin for each move inactive due to a crit hit. if heads, that move can continue to be used. If tails, that move is permanently locked, UNLESS you sacrifice another pokemon to perform an organ transplant. The target pokemon (the one the surgery is being done to) now has all of its moves unlocked (optional rule, only one move is unlocked).
  4. If a pokemon dies from a crit hit (either by hp, or not having enough moves), you may either gain 2 pokecenter visits, or be allowed to catch 2, errr, willing volunteers for future surgeries.

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