The Corruption Locke is a challenging Nuzlocke with three difficulty settings. The concept was based on the concept of Grief, and how it affects others.

How it works:

Naturally, a player doing a corruption locke follows the three standard Nuzlocke rules:

  • Catch only the first encountered Pokemon in each area.
  • Nickname all Pokemon caught.
  • If a Pokemon faints, it is considered 'dead' and must be boxed permanently or released.

However, the Corruption locke adds another level of difficulty.

  • If a Pokemon dies, the remaining party members are afflicted with Grief. Once a Pokemon has seen a teammate die a set amount of times, it is overcome with Grief and can no longer battle.

There are three versions of this Nuzlocke, listed below.

Easy Mode:

  • When a Pokemon is overcome with Grief, it must be 'retired', and placed in a box. 'Retired' does not mean 'Dead', as Retired Pokemon can be brought back.
  • Grief Limit (the number of times a Pokemon can witness a teammate die) is set to 6.
  • After the defeat of a Gym, all Retired Pokemon are cleared of Grief and can return to the team.

Normal Mode:

  • When a Pokemon is overcome with Grief, it is retired just as it is in Easy mode.
  • Grief Limit is set to 4.
  • After a Gym, one Retired Pokemon can be cleared of Grief.

Hard Mode:

  • When a Pokemon is overcome with Grief, it is dead, and must be boxed permanently or released.
  • Grief Limit is set to 3.
  • If a player loses three Pokemon in one battle, it's game over, and the Locke is lost.
  • Revive Clause (see below) does not apply.

Revive Clause:

Revive Clause is a special rule designed for this Nuzlocke that a player may decide to include.

  • If the item 'Revive' or 'Max Revive' is found or obtained in regular gameplay, the player can decide to discard it in exchange to clear a Pokemon of one Grief mark.
  • A standard Revive clears one Grief, and a Max Revive clears two Grief. (Revival Herb is not part of this clause and should not be used.)
  • In Easy mode, if a 'Sacred Ash' is obtained, it works the same as a Max Revive.
  • Players cannot purchase Revives or Max Revives, and should only use the ones they find as hidden items or are given by NPC characters.
  • Easy mode players may sell the revives to use them if they wish. Normal mode players should discard the items instead.
  • Revives cannot be used to bring back any Dead Pokemon. These items only work on Retired Pokemon.


This Nuzlocke is still being tested. Eventually, this list will be expanded.


  • An easy and recommended way to keep track of a Pokemon's Grief level is to use the Marking system in the PC. Advantages to using this method would be that the player doesn't have to keep track anywhere outside the game, as all the information is in front of them when they turn the game on and easy to check by looking at a Pokemon's summary page.


  • Useable Pokemon, Retired Pokemon, and Fainted Pokemon (if the player is not releasing deceased party members) should all have their own box in the PC, as not to mix up what Pokemon are where. This is useful for a player who might not play regularly and might forget their status after a long break.

Item Limits:

  • Players should consider other modifiers carefully when planning a Corruption Locke. Don't make a Normal Mode run too hard with healing restrictions and item limits! A recommended amount of modifiers would be: Easy - 2, Normal - 4, Hard - 6 or more.

Feel free to add to the Suggestion page with any tips you may have after attempting a Corruption Locke.