The Colorlocke (also called Colocke) is a Nuzlocke in which the player either chooses or is randomly given a certain color in a certain color family. It is similar to Monotype runs.


Normal Nuzlocke rules apply with a few add-ons.

Catching Edit

  • You must catch or obtain only the first eligible obtainable Pokémon you encounter in any route or area. Fail to catch it and you get nothing for the area.
  • You must use Pokémon that are the same color as the chosen color.
  • Red, blue, yellow, brown and green are all separate color families, but black, gray and white are all one color family, and pink and purple are also one color family. This means the 5 colors that all have Pokémon are together.
  • Dupes Clause is recommended. (The original Colocke article by Lily8763 said "required", though the Colorlocke was not new at the time.)
  • You are allowed to use a Pokémon if anything (or anything future) on its evolution line is your color. For example, you may use a Butterfree as a part of the color Green family, since Metapod is green in the freer case; in the "future" case, you would not be able to use the Butterfree because Metapod is Green, but you could use a Cascoon, because Dustox is Green.

Other Edit

  • You must name your Pokémon something that is relevant to your chosen color. For example, if you're doing a brown Colorlocke, you may name your Pokémon something like chocolate or wood, objects that are often brown in color.
  • Gifts Clause is legal; however, only in the case where the gift Pokémon is the same color as the color you are using.
  • Shiny Clause is active; even if a shiny isn't your color, you can try to catch it.
  • You can only use a KO'd Pokemon if you need to use it as an HM slave, but you may not use it in battle. If a battle leads to only that Pokemon remaining, it's game over.

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