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Silver walking away after their first battle.

Clear as Crystal, (or Osharu's Crystal Nuzlocke Challenge,) is a comic documented from a challenge on a Pokémon Crystal playthrough. It is played, written and drawn by OshawottsRule95, or more commonly Osharu, and features a protaganist of the same name. The comic started February 17th 2012 and is still ongoing.


While technically not shown yet in the comic, all of Osharu's runs use the following ruleset based around the original Ruby: Hard Mode rules.

  1. If a Pokémon faints, it is considered to be dead and cannot be used again, being permanantly boxed.
  2. You can only catch the first Pokémon you encounter in every new area, and no others. If you encounter a Pokémon currently or previously owned (with the PokéBall icon), you can attempt to find one until a new Pokémon is encountered. You can, if you wish, catch a previously/currently owned Pokémon. (Shiny Pokémon can be caught regardless of this rule, and can be used just as equally to normal Pokémon).
  3. These rules are both void if a HM move needed to advance in the game and is unlearnable by a currently owned (or if necessary, a deceased) Pokémon. This allows a Pokémon that can learn the HM move be caught, but it can never be used in battle.
  4. Safari Zone(s) areas are all considered new areas themselves, allowing multiple captures, but only one each.
  5. MasterBalls cannot be used.
  6. Legendaries can be caught and used, but must be boxed before the final fight. (Crystal: Red, FireRed: Mewtwo etc.) This rule is not activated for Generation V as the legendary Pokémon is need to complete the story.
  7. If you calculate fairly that a Pokémon you use in battle can and will survive an attack by the opponent, but is killed by a critical hit, you can keep the Pokémon alive but it must be healed at a Pokémon centre (it cannot be used until you visit a centre if healed by an NPC. Revives CAN NOT be used in these, or any, conditions). You can activate this rule by choice only a total of 3 times per run, and doing so will force you to discard ALL healing items you currently own, and items can not be bought again until you gain another Gym Badge. If you already own all 8 Badges at the time this situation occurs, this rule cannot be activated and the Pokémon will die. (This is to prevent storing these 3 'Undead Clauses' and using them up to and in the League). If a Pokémon is killed by a critical hit under any other circumstances where the calculation is impossible or incorrect (ie. 0HKOs or if the Pokémon was at less than half health after the first attack then faints on the next) then the clause is not activated and the Pokémon stays dead.
  8. Pokémon can be traded/recieved as gifts and hatched from eggs regardless of where the events take place and any amount of times. However, you can only trade in-game or with a friend to evolve a Pokémon, if a gift Pokémon or Pokémon obtained at a game corner is obtained, you must have at least one in the party. Pokémon cannot be bred and all eggs must be obtained by NPCs.
  9. All Pokémon must be nicknamed. (If you do not nickname a captured Pokémon, even accidentily, it cannot be used until the Name Rater is visited. If you have not yet reached the NR and this occurs, tough luck.


The run is currently still in its early stages comic-wise and is on a halt due to complications, but the playthrough of Crystal and the next run are complete, and another is in play currently. Osharu has written up a storyline for all three nuzlockes and presently has no plans to cancel the plans, despite a slow production/update speed. Essentially, the storyline is complete and all that is required is the drawing of the comic and completion of the runs.

The story is evident that Osharu strongly wishes to go on a journey with a Pokémon. Professor Daniel Elm grants this wish and gives him a Totodile and he is on his merry way. After visiting Mr Pokémon by Elm's request, Osharu bumps into Professor Samuel Oak, who it seems he is already aquainted. After a heated discussion, Oak gives Osharu a PokéDex to which he thinks to himself "Not this again...". Osharu is then tasked with returning a Mystery Pokémon Egg back to Elm's lab, but before his departure back to New Bark Town, Elm calls his PokéGear to imform Osharu of some bad news, to which the hero dashes off to put right. It's there where he meets Silver, a red-haired Trainer who seems less caring for his Pokémon than Osharu. It's here Osharu discovers that Silver stole his Pokémon from Elm's lab and challenges Silver for property of the Chikorita he stole. When Silver loses, he seems upset, so Osharu gives him advice on his battling and lets him keep the stolen Chikorita so he can learn respect and love for his Pokémon. After exchanging names, Silver tells Osharu he considers him his rival, and vows to beat him no matter what.

It is made obvious that there is a back story to Oak and Osharu, that in turn is an obvious hint at a Kanto adventure that may or may not have ended well.


Osharu has planned a 4 Nuzlocke timeline story which is as follows:

What Happens In Kanto...

Pokémon FireRed Version - Protag: Osharu

Clear As Crystal

Pokémon Crystal Version (3 years after WHIK) - Protag: Osharu

False Heroes

Pokémon Black Version (Immediately precedes the events of CAC) - Protag: ???

Best Served Cold

Pokémon ??? Version (??? years after FH) - Protag: ???


Current PokémonEdit

DUNDEE / Totodile - Male

Osharu's starter Pokémon in Johto. Wears a hat given to him by Osharu. Has an Australian accent which is written phonetically in his speech bubbles. He is named after the fictional character, Crocodile Dundee and the accent was also inspired from the character.


  • Osharu's so called "Undead Clause" was only written in when a failed Diamond run ended due to all his Pokémon failing to beat the Elite Four and Champion in the given circumstance. Osharu calculated the average damage the enemy inflicted and lost his Pokémon to critical hits. This happened to EACH of his 6 Pokémon. He invented the rule to make it slightly easier.
    • This made him create the catch that involved removing all healing items so that making the decision to keep your Pokémon alive was one you wouldn't make as lightly. This is also true for making you only able to do it 3 times, and unable to do it in the league.
    • This is ironic considering the rule was caused by the event happening during the league battles.
  • Osharu's Pokémon nicknames tend to have a reference, inspiration or crazy reason behind them, and likes making a guessing game for the origin of the nicknames for the readers -
  • Osharu has planned everything out for his nuzlockes' main story elements but spends more time refining it than he does updating.
    • He still thinks the story needs work.
  • Osharu's design in the cover found here -> is different to his final design. In the actual comic the PokéBall on his shirt has become a symbol similar to that of Ash from the anime's hat from the Hoenn arcs. He also wears fingerless gloves in the comic, but not on the cover.
  • Silver's Chikorita has a name, Rosa. This is currently unknown to Silver, as the name was given to her by Elm. Silver will not name his Pokémon in the run.
  • Osharu's characters used to be Rayman-like in design, without arms or legs and just drawn with a torso, a head and floating hands. This changed on Page 2 with a full body being drawn.
  • The comics were originally traditionally drawn, but after gaining a tablet and pen, became digital.
  • The comics are drawn on Manga Studio 4, because Adobe Photoshop can neither be afforded, nor used with any real skill.
  • The Pokémon in these runs can not be understood by all humans. While Trainers and Pokémon can learn to speak each others' dialect, this usually takes a while. Due to this, all Pokémon Professors, Gym Leaders, Elite 4 members and Champions can speak with Pokémon, and a lot of Trainers are also capable.
  • Due to the affliction that causes the "Nuzlocke Virus", this ability is learned quicker on the catch that the Pokémon will die when they faint.
  • There are random, inanimate objects in the cover and the pages that declare their status. These are ongoing and will appear in future pages. Gotta Find 'Em All!


Clear as Crystal can be found in Osharu's dA gallery.

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