A Classlocke is a type of Pokémon Locke similar to a Chesslocke. The roles are:

  1. Knight- the most powerful which can either switch Pokémon during battle or be high at both attack/defence, but can only have one status move (e.g Stun Spore, Poison Powder).
  2. Healer - can deal small damage but heals and help the team and inflict negative effects on opponents. Healers can only have moves with power lower than 60.
  3. Ninjas - low on defense and health, but high on attack and speed. Ninjas may not hold berries.
  4. Tanks - low on attack and speed, but high on defense and health. Tanks may not hold items which increase damage dealt (e.g Expert belt, Life orb)
  5. Mages - more special than physical. Can have up to 3 spells (special moves).
  6. Rogues - more physical than special. Can have up to 3 attacks (physical moves)

Basic Nuzlocke rules apply. You may only have one of each role.(OPTIONAL RULE) You are not allowed to switch Pokemon unless it is the knight.

Alternate Classlocke Rules.

  1. Fighter - May only use physical or status moves. Fighters may use held items (including berries), but may not use any TMs or Pokeballs.
  2. Wizard - May only use special or status moves. Wizards may use held items (including berries), but may not use any TMs or Pokeballs.
  3. Cleric - May only use status moves. Cleries may use items that heal status conditions, HP, or both, but may not use TMs or Pokeballs.
  4. Rogue - May only use STAB or Normal-Type moves. Rogues may not use held items, but may use TMs, Battle Items (ex. X Attack, Dire Hit, etc.) and Pokeballs.
  5. Druid - May only use berries, and may not use TMs or Pokeballs. Druids also may not fight Gym Leaders but may use any moves otherwise.
  6. Bard - May only use moves of base power 60 or less. Bards may use any items, but can only target themselves, and as such may not use Pokeballs.

Pokemon may have their Class switched by talking to the Professor of the game.

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