Chronicles of johto by livious-d4uq4o9

Cover art

Chronicles of Johto - HG nuzlocke
by Livious
Status abandoned
# Chapters/Updates 9 pages
Finished --
Game information
Game HG
Region johot
Chosen starter's type fire
Comic description
Media comic
Coloring full color
Protagonist game based
Story details
Genre humour
Plot game-based
Pokemon speak
Nuzlocke Forum
dA gallery

Chronicles of Johto is an ongoing Nuzlocke challenge written and drawn by Livious.


  •  You may only catch the first Pokemon encountered in each area.
  • Pokémon given by NPCs don't count. Leave all those Eevees and Togepis alone.
  • If a Pokemon faints, consider it dead.
  • Duplicate clause.
  • Legendaries are not allowed.


A young trainer by the name of Lyra embarks on a journey across the Johto region. Aiding her is Razoff, her Grass-type hating starter and many other Pokémon who will join her team.


  • Lyra Hart : This trainer has a calm and reserved exterior and is kind of a pushover, letting Razoff take most of the decisions.
  • Razoff : A hyperactive, bossy Quilava and Lyra's starter. Perpetual annoyance to the rest of the party.


Chronicles of Johto was nominated for "Best Rival" (Angry Ginger Boy), "Best Pokémon" (Razoff) and "Best Art Style"  in the 2012 Nuzlocke Forums year-end awards.


It is available on Livious' dA  and on its respective thread on the [Forums] .

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