A new type of locke to spice up the Pokemon games called a Choicelocke. In this locke it is a mix of a Nuzlocke, your favorite Pokemon in the game and much more. Firstly, it is only made to spice up the games a little, but you can change the rules just a little bit, but not too much. It is a mix of a Nuzlocke and Favlocke and more stuff to make the games interesting for people bored and challenging. This is a great challenge I have done it is pretty fun and you can even learn more about your favorite Pokemons in the game. If you don’t believe me test it out, but everyones got their opinions. The best part of is you don’t need to hack the game or change anything in the game unless you want to do a Randomizer Choicelocke?? Anyone with me? If you want to do it the rules are down below.                      = )

The Choicelocke Rules:

  1. You can use your favorite Pokemon
  2. You can only use 12 Pokemon throughout the whole game
  3. You may choose where and when you want to get your favorite Pokemon in the wild
  4. You can only choose your favorite Pokemon from a route and anywhere in the game except you cannot trade between 1 game and another or from an internet connection
  5. It is a Nuzlocke, once a Pokemon faints it is dead forever, you can either release the Pokemon or put it in a box that's name is Dead/Death
  6. You cannot cheat Pokemon in or you are considered a Choicelocke loser
  7. You can use any game to do this locke (even fan games and rom hacks)
  8. You have to nickname every Pokemon you catch
  9. You can choose to evolve or not evolve your Pokemon
  10. Your starter or the oldest Pokemon on your team must hold a choice item if your starter dies e.g Choice Scarf, Band, Specs
  11. Shinies can count as your 12 Pokemon if you wish
  12. 1 Pokemon nickname must be a reference
  13. You can change the rules up just a little, but if too much it doesn’t count as a Choicelocke
  14. For the final rule have fun and if you need help choosing your favorite Pokemon call a friend



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