Child's Game
by ClassyWurmple
Began jul 20,2011
Status ongoing
# Chapters/Updates 52 pages
Finished not yet
Game information
Game Emerald
Region hoenn
Chosen starter's type Grass type
Comic description
Media comic
Coloring some color monochromatic
Protagonist original design or game based
Story details
Genre psychological suspense
Plot original
Pokemon dont speak
Nuzlocke Forum
dA gallery

Emerald Nuzlocke: A Child's Game is a emerald run by ClassyWurmple a psychoterror thriller, where the world is disturbing and a extremely creepy way to see the plot of the game


  1. Only catch one Pokemon per route, only the first encounter
  2. When a Pokemon faints you must box it forever.
  3. I may use items that Simon finds "in the wild", but I may not buy anything other than pokeballs. The reasoning for a ban on store-bought potions will hopefully become clear eventually.
  4. If there is honestly no way to prevent all of my Pokemon whiting out, I am allowed a restart from my last save point. This only applies to gym leaders. This is largely so I can keep telling the story!


Simon (immature hipster scumbag) wakes up in a truck with no recollection of how he got there. With an island filled with threatening inhabitants, creatures that fight each other to the death, and houses that all look the same, one thing’s for sure – "he ain’t in Kansas anymore"



  • Simon: ts the protagonist of the run. a hipster tormented by a strange world were he comes to wake up looking for a way to scape
  • Wally: another abducted child who lost his first pokemons. he captured a ralts in order to try to scape
  • Norman: petalburg gym leader, he thinks that give hope to the trainers helps to the project
  • Mr.Stone: head of the devon corp.

Teams descriptionEdit

Currently OwnedEdit

  1. April: Simon's vicious treecko
  2. Toto: Simon's vicious poocheyena
  3. Ondine: Simon's Azumarill
  4. Needle: Simon's Shedinja
  5. Lancelot: an aron who attacked Steven


  1. It got third place on the Most Imaginative Run category on 2012 New Year's Fan Run Extravaganza awards


It can be found on Classywurmple dA gallery

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