Chiaki's Nuzlocke
by Chiakiro
Began 25 juni 2013
Status ongoing
# Chapters/Updates Still Unknown
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Game information
Game Pokémon Sapphire
Region Hoenn
Chosen starter's type Water
Comic description
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Coloring Completely
Protagonist Original design
Story details
Genre Serious
Plot Part Game Based, Part original
Pokemon Speak
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Chiaki's Nuzlocke run is a serious Nuzlocke comic, that mainly followes the Pokémon Trainer Chiaki. She starts this journey because she has to, but she, just as most other inhabitants of this form of Hoenn, use Pokémon as tools, and don't befriend them. Chiaki, however, warms up for them, and wants to become the champion so she can do something to the cruelty of Pokémon battles.

Only people that really care for their Pokémon can talk with them, Chiaki is able to talk with her Pokémon.

Rules Edit

  • If a Pokémon faints, it is considered dead
  • Only capture the first Pokémon in every route
  • No healing items
  • No legendaries

The main-characters Edit

  • Chiaki: The one the story resolves around. She has to start on a journey, but later warms up to the pocket monsters, and wants to help them. She is against fighting with Pokémon. She has been offered a place at Team Aqua, but she refused. It is said that Chiaki isn't her real name, her real name is confirmed on page 84 to be Alexandra.
  • Brendan: Chiaki's rival. Friendly at first, but after Cheza accidentally killed his Grovyle Rory, which was his friend for a long time, he has lost his ability to talk with Pokémon, and he became angry with Chiaki.
  • Archie: The main villian in the game. Leader of Team Aqua. He has offered Chiaki a place at Team Aqua, mainly because they needed young healty woman. He wants to flood the entire world.
  • Wally:
  • Steven: The current champion of Hoenn, first met in Granite Cave, where he mentioned Chiaki shouldn't kill every wild Pokémon. He later advised Chiaki to think about her choice of carreer, since the league doesn't want someone to win, they might start playing dirty. He is the only champion that is able to speak with Pokémon.

The Pokémon Edit

  • Netane (Swampert): With Chiaki since she started, he was afraid to battle at first, even after he evolved into Marshtomp, which was during his first gym battle, but he has become more brave, and helps out when needed. He evolved again to protect Chiaki from Brendan. He was in love with Ronna.
  • Reda (Zigzagoon): First capture of Chiaki. Has been on the team quite some time, send to the p.c. after Roora was captured.
  • Wanna (Cascoon): Captured in Oldale Town, Wanna quickly evolved after finding Dania, a Cascoon, and evolved directly into one as well. In her first battle against a Seedot, she got killed. She was Chiaki's first death.
  • Dania (Dustox): The Cascoon found by Wanna. She was said after Wanna died, but grabbed herself together. She evolved after being attacked by Cheza, and was later boxed.
  • Cheza (Swellow): One of the core members of the team. She loves to battle. She has a massive scar that coveres the right part of her face, this is by hand of a Zangoose. Cheza managed to kill Flannery's Torkoal, after it created a bloodbath. Cheza was very angry and sad, and said every one of the attacks was for one of the fallen Pokémon. She got poisoned after fighting a Breloom, and barely survived it.
  • Lulu (Whismur): Captured right before the gym battle against Roxanne. She went missing in Slateport City, and was send to the p.c. when she was found again.
  • Ren (Gyarados): Another core member of the team, he was captured as a Magikarp who wanted to have a trainer. Ren usually is quiet, and is probably the strongest on the team in terms of strength. He looks different than any other Gyarados, since he has legs, he looks more like a chinese dragon.
  • Weraldo (Makuhita): Captured when holding Chiaki in captivity. He was very negative towards everyone. He used to believe Chiaki and Brendan where in a romantic relationship. He was blind. He offered himself up for Ren, and got killed by Flannery's Torkoal.
  • Raze (Electrike): Captured after Chiaki found him in one of Team Aqua's hideouts, he was badly injured. Raze wasn't a real fighter. He became poisoned after fighting with a Koffing, but was saved just in time. He got killed by Flannery's Torkoal.
  • Fabulous (Roselia): Captured in Mauville City, directly boxed after.
  • Roora (Geodude): An elderly Geodude, she got captured when Reda was smashing rocks. She was the experienced and go-to Pokémon when with questions. She got killed by a critical hit Overheat from Flannery's Torkoal.
  • Ronna (Camerupt): A little bit of a cocky Pokémon. She was captured near the Fiery Path. She was taken with Chiaki after the battle against Flannery. She was killed by Winona's Altaria, using Earthquake, she had a kind of romantic relationship with Netane.
  • Jope (Numel): Captured because Chiaki had captured his girlfriend Ronna. He died in a friendly battle with his brother by accident.
  • Trianna (Machop): Captured when she wanted to have something to eat, she was taken with Chiaki after the battle against Flannery, but got killed by Norman's Vigoroth, after Chiaki ordered her to aim for him.
  • Pepe (Spinda): Captured and directly boxed.
  • Cry (Swablu): Cry was one of the Pokémon Chiaki decided to take with her after the losses to Flannery. She isn't into battling, and was send back to the p.c. in Fortree City after the dead of Trianna.
  • Kiki (Wingull): Got captured while flying above the water, and, after his ball fell into the water, got sended directly to the p.c.
  • Tiko (Rhydon): At first, Chiaki thought Tiko was a stone, this was mainly because she was drunk. The next day, she offered him to go along, which he accepted, although he wasn't a big fan of her being a trainer.
  • Envie (Banette): Captured at the last resting place for Pokémon. At first, she seemed nice, but when Chiaki wanted to jump, she motivated her. According to Envie, Death is beautiful.
  • Draqie (Kingdra): Found while using Dive with Ren. Draqie thought Ren was beautiful, and it seemed he wanted to kill Chiaki, but was amazed when he was captured.

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