Another random Nuzlocke variant. This one is meant for X&Y but could be done in any game.

There are 4 difficulties to start with.

Easy, Medium, Hard or Impossible.

Easy Rules:

-Normal Nuzlocke rules

-Dupes Clause

-Shiny Clause

-15 Poke Balls a town

-HM Slaves can't die

-Legendary Pokémon can only be caught if ABSOLUTELY necessary. (like Xerneas/Yveltal in XY)

Medium Rules:

-Same as Easy, but 10 Poké Balls a town.

-If the starter dies, it's Game Over

-The only healing items allowed are Potions, Super Potions, Ether-type things and Berries

Hard Rules:

-Same as Medium, but no Held Items until 3rd Badge.

-No TMs until 4th Badge

-No Mega Evolution (if applicable) until 8th Badge (except the Successor battle)

Impossible Rules:

-Same as Hard, but only 5 Poke Balls a town and only Potions and Berries are allowed.

-No TMs until 6th Badge

-No Mega Evolution at all (except the Successor battle)

-Only 3 Pokemon can faint total.

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