Turtlelocke Challenge:No Items except left overs, oran berries, etc for battleNo Legendaries execpt Lunala but I would need to get 500 views and/or likesI have to buy 1 random item in every pokemart that is not a pokeball or potion or revive and i have to keep it and I can't use it in battle.Level Caps 25 first island 35 second island 40 third island 45 fourth islandNo Exp ShareHave to capture 1 pokemon per area onlycan only buy 5 more pokeballs - the ones you get you can use them. Once all 10 are gone its consider a gameover.Have to nickname all my pokemon anime character namesCan only capture 1 pokemon per alphabet letter i.g.I can't capture 2 pokemon that both begin with the letter A.Fainted pokemon must be stored in PCAnyone can try this challenge hopefully we can make it viralGame Overs:Run out of moneyAll your pokemon faint.Run out of Pokeballs.


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