The Anvlocke is a Nuzlocke Variant made up by Anv:

Here are the rules

  1. Any Pokemon that faints is considered dead.
  2. You may only capture the first Pokemon you encounter on each route.
  3. You must nickname all Pokemon (Optional).
  4. You can't switch Pokemon in battle, unless the game asks you to. For example: Litten is about to be sent out, will you switch Pokemon? When it asks you that then you can switch.
  5. You cannot use held items or tms on a Pokemon unless it defeats the gym leaders last pokemon, the totem pokemon, or the kahuna's last pokemon. If that Pokemon defeats the last pokemon in the battle, they gain the power to use those items.
  6. Only 3 items can be used in battle. (Potions, and X item, Pokeballs can be used many times)

If you need further explaining, the video hear talks about all the rules :


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