This Nuzlocke format is create by Franco Gugiato, This Nuzlocke is consisted by all the animes of Japan, U.S.A, etc Hope everyone good luck on this Nuzlocke form :]

Rules: Edit

1) You must catch the first pokemon you see on each route or area. For example: If you encounter a Pidgey and you faint it or it knocks itself out, there is no second chances.

2) You must nickname the pokemon that you caught, but since this is an animelocke, you must nickname the pokemon obtained or captured based from an anime character or an anime in general. For example: Chimchar-Goku, Riolu-Vegeta, Slakoth-Oozaru, Vulpix/Ninetales-Kurama, etc etc; and MUSTN'T use the anime Pokemon, because you're playing pokemon, so it wouldn't make sence.

3) You will start with 3 nickname coins/tokens/vouchers, so you can nickname that obtained or captured pokemon ANY nickname you want, but don't use it to quickly, because when you don't have any coins/tokens/vouchers, you may not nickname the pokemon the name you want, so then, you're forced to nickname that pokemon based from an anime or an anime.

4) By defeating a gym leader, Rival or Evil team boss, You'll be gifted a coin/voucher/token.

5) If the pokemon faints, the fainted pokemon will be healed up completely that fainted pokemon that is now healed, must battle a trainer, evil team grunt, evil team admin or gym trainer to get his respect by not give up till the very end ( Same as Goku vs Cell, Majin Vegeta vs Majin Buu etc). All the other pokemons on the team will be boxed in the PC and only that 1 pokemon must battle only. If it wins, I gets a second chance to live, but if faintes again (If you black out, it doesn't matter, the nuzlocke continues) that pokemon will be boxed or released. If 2 pokemons dies in the same battle, they take turns to have their own honor.

6) Dupes clause is OPTIONAL and species clause too.

7) If you whiteout, its game over, even if you have 6 mons in your party (for what ever reason)

8) Randomize the game for more fun.

Any questions Message me


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