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The Caratlocke is another variant of the Nuzlocke, created by the user SaphIsHere. Its purpose is to add even more challenge to the Nuzlocke run.

Along with its scoring system called Carat Weight, the Caratlocke also has multiple difficulty modes.

Rules (as of Jan. 9. 2018) Edit

  1. The entire run is to be evaluated. The score system goes by the name Carat Weight. Its purpose is to show how well the player has been doing throughout the Caratlocke, taking into consideration what difficulty mode the player picked.
  2. When Poké Balls become available, the first wild Pokémon in a new area must be caught.
    1. Pokémon given to the player (e.g. starter Pokémon) do not count as Pokémon captured in the wild. They may be obtained whenever the player wants, even when received in an area where a
    2. If said wild Pokémon faints, flees or if the battle was run away from, the player may not capture any other wild Pokémon in the same area.
      • If the wild Pokémon happens to be a roaming Pokémon, the player can not capture it. Its escape or its defeat doesn’t qualify as the ones of regular wild Pokémon.
    3. Eggs must indefinitely be hatched in a location where no Pokémon has been captured yet. Else, the hatched Pokémon is considered 'dead'.
    4. Shiny Pokémon can be caught anywhere and anytime, even at places where the player has made an attempt to catch a Pokémon. When a legendary Pokémon is shiny, the player is allowed to catch it aswell. The only exception are the ones that are predetermined shiny Pokémon, per example the red Gyarados in the Lake of Rage.
      1. Once a shiny Pokémon has been encountered, all future battles with wild shiny Pokémon won't contribute to the Carat Weight.
    5. Pokémon that have an overworld sprite before the battle cannot be captured. Legendary Pokémon cannot be captured unless the player is forced by the game to do so. Event Pokémon mustn’t be captured or used.
      • If the obligatory legendary Pokémon is captured whilst the player has a full party, it must be put into the PC. If the player has a enough Pokémon to have a full party, excluding the legendary Pokémon, he/she must put it in the PC. If else, the player can use it.
  3. Every Pokémon must receive a nickname.
  4. In the options, the battle style must be switched to Set.
  5. As soon as Poké Balls become available, when a Pokémon faints, it is considered 'dead'. As such, it must either be released or kept in the PC for archiving purposes, never to be put into the player’s party again during the Nuzlocke run.
    1. If every Pokémon in the player’s party has fainted, the challenge is over.
  6. The only moves the player's Pokémon are allowed to learn are HM moves, level-up moves, moves from the Move Relearner and moves learned through evolution.
  7. Two captured Pokémon mustn’t belong to the same evolution line. If a wild Pokémon in a new area belongs to the same line as a previously captured Pokémon, the player may ignore rule 2.1. until he/she finds a Pokémon of an evolution line different from the player's owned Pokémon.
  8. The use of Pokémon Day Cares is forbidden.
  9. Using items during battles is forbidden.
  10. Trades with NPCs and all kinds of interaction with another player in-game are not allowed during the Caratlocke run.
  11. Banned items and functions:
  12. The player must pick up to 6 Pokémon for the Pokémon League and the respective final battle.
  13. The player must fulfill certain conditions predetermined by the game to beat the Caratlocke:

Optional rules (as of Sep. 13 2017) Edit

  1. Weight clause: When the Carat Weight has a value below 0 outside of battle, the challenge is over.
  2. Shop restrictions clause: The number of new items the player can buy in Poké Marts is limited to 5. Vending machines and other non-Poké Mart shops are banned.
    • When playing Pokémon Gold, Pokémon Silver, Pokémon HeartGold or Pokémon SoulSilver, the player's mother character may not save up money won from battles, as she will occasionally purchase items which are then transferred to the player's PC.
  3. Additional banned items clause: Purchasing them - unless the game forces the player - and using them is forbidden:
    1. Every type of Poké Ball with a situational multiplier or a set multiplier above x1, excluding Park Balls and Safari Balls. Each superior Ball found can be sold / thrown away and replaced by two regular Poké Balls at any point, which can be bought in separate stacks, allowing the player to receive Premier Balls.
      • When a shiny Pokémon appears randomly, the superior Poké Balls can be used to capture it.
    2. Every type of medicine that's able to heal Pokémon from every status condition, excluding Full Restores. Neither can they be bought, unless the game forces you, nor can they be used. Each can be sold and replaced by a medicinal spray that's able to cure only one status condition at a time.
    3. Max Potions. Neither can they be bought, unless the game forces you, nor can they be used. Each one found has to be sold and replaced with an inferior type of potion.
    4. Full Restore. Each one can to be replaced by an inferior type of potion and a medicinal spray that's able to cure only one status condition at a time.
  4. Gym clause: When visiting a gym, the player can only take 3 Pokémon of his/her choice with himself/herself.

Score tables Edit

Because the Caratlocke has a focal point in scoring, certain actions and events determine the Carat Weight. When said actions occur, their assigned value is added to / substracted from the Carat Weight. The points are applied to the Carat Weight as soon as the final Pokémon in a battle faints.

Along with that comes comes a difficulty setting the play must pick.

  • Easy Mode is light on penalties as it serves as an introduction to the Caratlocke.
  • Intermediate Mode is recommended for all players who still crave a good challenge.
  • Hard Mode is for brave players. The penalties are harsh, but exceptionally high Carat Weight scores can be reached.
Actions/Events Easy Mode Intermediate Mode Hard Mode
Picking one optional rule +1 +2 ///
Picking two optional rules +2 +5 ///
Picking three optional rules +3 +10 ///
Picking every optional rule +5 +15 +20
Capturing a wild Pokémon +3 +3 +3
Failing to capture a wild Pokémon -1 -5 -10
Capturing a randomly encountered wild shiny Pokémon +5 +15 +10
Failing to capture a randomly encountered wild shiny Pokémon -7 -25 -40
Beating a Gym Leader / an Elite Four member with having lost at least one Pokémon in batte +2 +3 +5
Beating a Gym leader / an Elite Four member without having lost any Pokémon in battle +4 +7 +10
Beating the Champion with having lost at least one Pokémon in battle +3 +5 +7
Beating the Champion without having lost any Pokémon in battle +5 +10 +20
Completing the Caratlocke with having lost over three Pokémon +5 +10 +25
Completing the Caratlocke with having lost one to three Pokémon +8 +20 +40
Completing the Caratlocke without having lost any Pokémon +10 +25 +50
Losing a Pokémon -3 -10 -25
Losing the starter Pokémon -7 -25 -100

Once the player has finished their Caratlocke, no matter if they won or lost, the number of all remaining Pokémon will be added to the score.

From the author to the readers: Edit

If you feel like this Nuzlocke challenge requires optimization, I humbly advise you to leave your suggestions in the comments.

Every bit of help is appreciated. Thank you very much for your contribution.

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