A CageLocke is a Vs-esque type of Nuzlocke that involves two people and two games that are compatible for wi-fi battles. In a CageLocke, after each Gym, each Trainer sends in one of their pokemon to battle it out. Only one of the two pokemon make it out alive.


The idea of the CageLocke was first thought up by YouTuber aDrive. He came up with it along with his good friend, and fellow YouTuber, ShadyPenguinn, after meeting in person at the PAX East convention in March 2015. He and Shady began the very first CageLocke of Pokemon X & Y on May 1st, 2015. The CageLocke was never finished due to aDrive losing during the third and final battle against Lysandre, losing his final Pokemon, ESPN the male Meowstic, to Lysandres Pyroar. Shady won the CageLocke as he still had 4 Pokemon remaining after the final fight.


Standard Nuzlocke RulesEdit

  • If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and cant be revived.
  • You may only catch the first pokemon on each route.
  • You must nickname pokemon.
  • You can add other additional rules listed here.
  • ===New Rules===

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