Butterfly effect cover

Butterfly effect cover

Butterfly effect
by AsymmetricalButtrfly
Began 6/6/13
Status ongoing
# Chapters/Updates 1-
Finished n/a
Game information
Game Blue
Region Kanto
Chosen starter's type Water
Comic description
Media comic
Coloring occasionally
Protagonist "Metric" (14)
Story details
Genre Comedy
Plot A young girl on a journey to do something with her life.
Pokemon All can speak
Nuzlocke Forum

Butterfly effect is a pokemon:Blue nuzlocke run featuring a young girl determined to make something of herself. Yet with more and more people taking notice of her, it pushes her out of her normal lifestyle and she soon finds that even the slightest things can trigger bigger consequences.

Created by AsymmetricalButtrfly and published on DeviantArt, the first page was published on June 6 of 2013


  1. Only the first pokemon found in an area may be caught.
  2. If a pokemon faints, it must be boxed permanently.
  3. No duplicates allowed to be caught of any pokemon or it's prevolutions/evolutions. After three encounters of duplicates in an area no pokemon may be caught.


Asymmetric or "Metric" is a fourteen year old girl living on her own after the death of her parents. Her home is just outside of Pallet town; a small house in the woods where she wont be disturbed. One day on a trip to Viridian to buy some cloth she is surprised by professor Oak on route 1. After a fall, he ends up unconscious, but during it, he had dropped a pokeball, releasing a timid squirtle. She saves the squirtle, and uses it to begin her own pokemon adventure!


  1. Asymmetric "Metric", Butterfly (14)
  • A young girl determined to do something with her life. She doesn't like to show her face for some reason, and is often seen with a mask on, or with her hood drawn over it.


  • A rather randomly named squirtle that is very shy. The end of her tail is oddly colored yellow.


- All the pokemon caught within the nuzlocke are randomly named after a butterfly, moth, or something related to them.


available on AsymmetricalButtrflyDeviantArt page.

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