Burning bridges playing with the big boys now by wanlingnic-d58k1xd
Burning Bridges: A FireRed Nuzlocke
by wanlingnic
Began Dec. 6, 2011
Status ongoing
# Chapters/Updates 9 pages + 5 extras
Game information
Game FireRed
Region Kanto
Chosen starter's type water
Comic description
Media comic
Coloring full color
Protagonist original design
Story details
Genre drama
Plot game-based complex
Pokemon all speak
Nuzlocke Forum

Burning Bridges: A FireRed Nuzlocke is a dramatic Nuzlocke following the journey of ex-cop Moria del Rosso as she and her partner Donahue try out a new vocation as Pokemon battlers. While the comic deals with a very dangerous Team Rocket on top of many personal problems for Moria, Donahue's carefree attitude and personal swagger (as a character and as narrator) provide a healthy amount of humor.


  1. When a Pokemon faints must be boxed and released at the end of the game.
  2. Only catch one Pokemon per route, it must be the first encounter; if it faints, too bad.
  3. Nickname everything.
  4. All nicknames should have a reference to pop culture or Celtic music
  5. Do not use healing items in battle, unless you're fighting a gym leader or other bosses.
  6. If you fish in an area, that counts like first encounter - you can't catch anything else.
  7. You can't use Pokemon from the game corner


"It's fall in Kanto and Team Rocket has just occupied the Saffron City district. While the world watches on in abject horror, Moira Del Rosso has bigger problems on her hands. She's just gotten fired. Now, armed with nothing but a vague hope that she may find her father, she and her old Squirtle police buddy set out for a pilgrimage down the road her dad and many trainers have taken before her."

World detailsEdit

Pokemon are fully-sentient and speak largely English. They're given the right to take up jobs, just like human beings. It's not uncommon to see a Jynx as a receptionist, or a Nidorina giving you your annual performance appraisal. Battling, like most sports, is considered an alternative vocation and battling Pokemon, in turn, athletes.

Battling Pokemon may form teams of no more than 6 members, and all teams must be accompanied by a someone to serve as their manager-cum-League-liaison - a position better known as the 'Trainer'. The minimum age to qualify as a trainer is 10.

The 'wild' Pokemon community are nomadic and do not hold steady jobs. The 'civilised' Pokemon community tend to view them the same way us people view the Pavee and Romani.

Still, like all Pokemon, the Pokemon League deems it unethical (and illegal in areas) to put them in a ball unless they chose to go into it.

Death by battling is uncommon and considered highly tragic. As long as safety measures (and the Marquis of Queensberry Rules) are upheld, death should by right never occur.


Main teamEdit

  • "Red" Moira Del Rosso: 23 an ex-police officer, old friend of the champion Gary Oak and partner of Donahue. She is taking on the Pokemon League, using the journey as a thinly-veiled excuse to find what happened to her father.
  • Donahue: A Squirtle, narrator of the comic, who stuck by Moria's side when she left the force because he likes the Pokemon battles that come with the league Challenge. He's not good at battling at all, though.
  • "Punzie" Rapunzel: A young Pidgey found by Moria and Donahue, alone and injured.
  • Rosie McCann: A Butterfree who used to be in showbiz, getting in trouble with police after her contract wasn't renewed.

Other charactersEdit


  • Professor Oak: a Pokemon researcher who previously had Moria as an assistant.
  • "Garry" Garret Oak: the Pokemon league champion and grandson of Prof. Oak. He and Moria had a past relationship that apparently ended very badly.
  • Falkner: a police officer and son of the chief. He's on relatively good terms with Donahue despite the latter's leaving the force, and the Squirtle calls him for favors.
  • League members (such as Agatha and Sabrina) in general act law enforcement and/or detectives.
  • Cordelia: Moria's mother. Old and suffering from several mental problems ever since her husband disappeared, she doesn't remember who Moria is and kicks her out of the house went she tries to come home as a caretaker.


  • Shadow: Gary's Umbreon who was very close with Moria before he belonged to Gary back when he was an Eevee in Prof. Oak's research lab.
  • Gloria: Gary's Bulbasaur; while she's young, she's already well more experienced at battling than Donahue.


  • An humanised Donahue makes a cameo on the first page of the 10th chapter of Ken's Fire Red Kick@$$ Mode.
  • Burning Bridges was nominated for "Best Main Character" (Moria), "Best Rival" (Garret), "Best Pokemon" (Donahue), "Best Art Style", "Best Plot", "Most Imaginative Run", and "Best Comic" in the 2012 Nuzlocke Forums year-end awards.


Burning Bridges: A FireRed Nuzlocke is available on wanlingnic's dA and in its respective thread on the Nuzlocke Forums.

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