Browse runs on this page in the table below. Runs with a red link, an external link, or no link are ones that lack a wiki page. Please find these runs and make pages for them! When adding runs, please keep them in alphabetical order.

Run Statuses

  • If a run has been updated within the last year, it is ongoing.
  • If it is finished, it is completed.
  • If the author has stated they can't work on a run for awhile, it is on hiatus.
  • If it has not been updated since last year or later and the author has said nothing about it, then it is abandoned.
  • If it ended early due to running out of pokemon but is otherwise complete, it is failed.

Please keep an eye on ongoing runs and update them if they end up completed, on hiatus, or abandoned. If an abandoned project or a project on hiatus returns, be sure to update!

Run Types

  • Comic: Tells about a run mostly through illustrated images.
    • Gijinka comic: Same as above, but all Pokemon characters are Gijinka.
  • Literature: Tells about a run mostly via prose.
    • Log run: Same as above, but prose literally describes gameplay, with little extra plot or characterization.
  • Screenshot: Tells about a run documented through narrated screeshots of gameplay.
  • Video: Provides direct video of gameplay with narration/commenting from the player.
  • Mixed-media: Some combination of the above types.
Individual Runs
Title Author Type Game Status
Ruby: Hard Mode Nuzlocke comic Ruby failed
Fire Red: Hard Mode Nuzlocke comic FireRed completed
White: Hard Mode Nuzlocke comic White ongoing
A Bemurkled Sapphire Nuzlocke Vivificent comic Sapphire ongoing
A Fire Within Samagirl comic White2 abandoned
A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge: Heart Gold Edition PettyArtist comic HeartGold ongoing
A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge: Leaf Green Edition PettyArtist comic LeafGreen complete
A Second Hero's Nuzlocke Dustyfootwarrior + other comic Black2 abandoned
A Shocking Volt White Challenge KingOfTheKarps comic Volt White abandoned
Across the Black Skies Tinkerfel literature ficition (Black2/BlazeBlack2) hiatus
Adventures in Hoenn StAugustine6 literature ficition complete
Adventures in Johto StAugustine6 literature ficition abandoned
Adventures in Kanto StAugustine6 literature ficition failed
Alexial's Emerald Nuzlocke cocoaferret comic Emerald hiatus
Alterity Mewitti / Sinnfinity comic Emerald ongoing
Amber and Zippo: A FireRed Nuzlocke Amber Galloway literature FireRed ongoing
An Emerald Nuzlocke: Chrome's Challenge Jarino comic Emerald abandoned
Apocalypse Johto SABERinBlue comic SoulSilver hiatus
Black Randomised Race Dan Sixx video Black ongoing
Black Tea: A Victorian Black 2 Nuzlocke CritexMind comic Black2 abandoned
Blaze's Nuzlocke Challenge leRedbird comic Black2 abandoned
Blue: The Other Guy's Story Xaltago literature Blue complete
BMM PEARL RUN BunnyfishMel-Mel comic Pearl abandoned
Burning Bridges wanlangnic comic FireRed hiatus
Butterfly Effect AsymmetricalButtrfly comic Blue abandoned
Child's Game ClassyWurmple comic Emerald ongoing
Chronicles of Johto Livious comic HeartGold abandoned
Clare's Story: A Yellow Gijinka Nuzlocke Jexima gijinka comic Yellow ongoing
Clear as Crystal Osharua comic Crystal abandoned
Cursedlocke Burgess / Vuro comic White hiatus
Defying Gravity: A Platinum Nuzlocke bountyhunter415 comic Platinum hiatus
Diamond in the Rough Inudono19 comic Diamond abandoned
Diamond Run ky-nim comic Diamond Completed
Doubllocke Kolala-Bear and Daniela V. comic Ruby and Sapphire ongoing
DreamCatchers Nuzlocke ScarletNuzlocke comic FireRed ongoing
Dustysapphire World Tour Dustyfootwarrior comic Sapphire ongoing
Emerald Nuzlocke Destiny Challenge PitchBlackEspresso comic Emerald ongoing
Emerald Skies UmbreonGal comic Emerald abandoned
Emmodii's HeartGold Nuzlocke Run Emmodii comic HeartGold abandoned
Epidemic Nuzlocke FroslassManiac comic Ruby ongoing
Eryll's Journey CockyCorn comic FireRed hiatus
Far From Home UmbreonGal mixed-media FireRed complete
Felix's Soul Silver NC Vulkabit comic SoulSilver complete
FireRed Apocalypse Snowfur1029 literature FireRed abandoned
First Summer NekoNekoKris comic rijonAdventures ongoing
Harbinger's of Revelation: A Pokemon White Randomized Nuzlocke Pokemontrainergigi comic White complete

Hoenn Boxlocke Challenge

CryoTemporal Literature Emerald ongoing
In Black and White Wasserbienchen comic Black ongoing
It Just Got Serious: Fire Red Edition BlazeDGO comic FireRed complete
It Just Got Serious: Platinum Edition BlazeDGO comic Platinum failed
It Just Got Serious: Soul Silver Edition BlazeDGO comic SoulSilver complete
Judgement: A HeartGold Nuzlocke Kittengoo comic HeartGold ongoing
Kate and Pochamo's Challenge Amber Galloway liteature Emerald Ongoing
Ken's FireRed Kick@$$ Mode YinDragon comic FireRed ongoing
Kiga's Litlocke Challenge lalibertalia comic Black ongoing
Kit's Platinum Nuzlocke kitfox-crimson comic Platinum complete
Kit's Sapphire Nuzlocke kitfox-crimson comic Sapphire complete
Landwalker's Nuzlocke land-walker comic Sapphire complete
Landwalker's Yellow Nuzlocke land-walker comic Yellow ongoing
Light Black: A Randomized Black 2 Run Lightnymfa comic Black2 ongoing
Limei's Nuzlocke: A Black2 Run Limei comic Black2 ongoing
Luci's Fire Red Nuzlocke RosaDunsparce comic FireRed ongoing
Matt's Sinnoh Nuzlocke Adventure mapsal313 comic Pearl ongoing
Milo's Adventures in Kanto mdchan comic LeafGreen ongoing
Myths of Unova ky-nim comic White complete
Nessa's Emerald Nuzlocke ShadeofShinon comic Emerald ongoing
Nikky's Ruby Nuzlocke NikkyDash comic Ruby ongoing
No plot, just blindness Noneko comic Black2 ongoing
Noneko's Sapphire Nuzlocke Noneko comic Sapphire ongoing
Nonparael's Black Run Nonparael comic Black complete
Nonparael's Pearl Run Nonparael comic Pearl complete
Nuzlocke of Ernie Sea-Salt comic LeafGreen ongoing
Nuzlocke: The Gold Standard Man-In-Comic-4 literature Gold ongoing
Nuzrooke Silver DragonwolfRooke comic SoulSilver complete
Of All Things yamikaisu comic SoulSilver ongoing
One Good Deed BlueFoxofWater1569 literature SoulSilver ongoing
Out.Law Soul Loki-Wings comic SoulSilver abandoned
Perspective TheRustyRobot comic SoulSilver ongoing
Pi and Pea's Adventures piyostoria comic Black ongoing
Play it Black Eastern-Katt comic Black ongoing
Pokemon Adventure of Dreams Akakabuto77 comic Sapphire ongoing
Pokemon Gold Restartlocke Juicy Pineappples video Gold ongoing
Pokémon Pearl: Nuzlocke Metalman642 Literature Pearl ongoing
Pokemon Unova; Before the Storm Gearpunk comic Black 2 ongoing
PokéObsession: HeartGold Nuzlocke with Lonewolf and Art Edition Rules PokéObsession video HeartGold ongoing
Promises: A nuzlocke VampireKittyinpain23 comic Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald ongoing
RED RUM: a fire red nuzlocke angelofcryinghearts comic FireRed ongoing
Red Sky Skye literature FireRed ongoing
Red Writing on the Walls Auddits comic FireRed ongoing
Redemption's Fall cypher-ds story Emerald ongoing
Revelation Emerald LemonChicken123 comic Emerald ongoing
Rudi's Gold Nuzlocke Novela RudiSnikda literature Gold ongoing
Salt & Pepper: A LeafGreen Nuzlocke Windmill_Key / Frey-ofthe-Arcane comic LeafGreen ongoing
Scarlett's Run sophie-lou comic Black ongoing
Secret of the Aura CyMoahk literature SoulSilver hiatus
Shikaze's Diamond Nuzlocke Challenge Shikasoge comic Diamond ongoing
Sketch's Quest! A Pokemon Crystal Nuzlocke RTJGSketch comic Crystal ongoing
Sound of Silence JadeCabbage comic FireRed ongoing
Tales of Johto monstermaster223 comic Crystal ongoing
Tales of Sinnoh ky-nim comic Diamond complete
TCW Emerald Sarachan89 comic Emerald ongoing
TCW Fire Red Sarachan89 comic FireRed ongoing
TCW Heart Gold Sarachan89 comic HeartGold ongoing
TFS Plays: Pokémon LeafGreen NUZLOCKE TeamFourStar video LeafGreen complete
TFS Plays: Pokémon SoulSilver NUZLOCKE TeamFourStar video SoulSilver complete
TFS Plays: Pokémon Moon NUZLOCKE TeamFourStar video Moon complete
TFS Plays: Pokémon Emerald NUZLOCKE TeamFourStar video Emerald failed
TFS Plays: Pokémon Platinum NUZLOCKE TeamFourStar video Platinum ongoing
The Ballad of Evelyn Hawkins Champagne-Petals / Marrow comic Emerald ongoing
The Burning Sky Neowth comic Emerald ongoing
The Crimson Virus UltraNOVA comic Emerald on-going
The Grail UmbreonGal mixed-media White2 complete
The iStockphoto Nuzlocke Challenge Nate / N8 mixed-media Ruby complete
The iStockphoto Nuzlocke Challenge: Blind White Edition Nate / N8 mixed-media White ongoing
The Joker and The King: A White Hard Nuzlocke WhispersInTheBreeze literature White ongoing
The Secret of the Nuzlocke Curse Calumrb22 comic SoulSilver ongoing
The Tyton Nuzlocke Challenge: Emerald Edition Haunshaul Comic Emerald ongoing
The Yellow Chapter NintendoPie Comic Yellow failed
Trainers Black Nuzlocke Cinamonskyguy mixed-media Black ongoing
Untethered Wolffang7789 comic LeafGreen ongoing
Virus Archive: Sinnoh League Northern-Projection comic Platinum On-going
White Nuzlocke - Sen's Journey AoiSora19S comic White Complete
White Randomised Race Raven The Ant video White ongoing
Wonderwall: A Yellow Storylocke Washi story Yellow On-going
YTWC's Nuzlocke YamashitaTheWildCat Comic SoulSilver On-going
Shiny Diamond Flawless Pearl Dylan and Stinkies Mixed-media Diamond and Pearl On-going
Ignem syviethorne comic Crystal ongoing
Likuden's Randomized Nuzlocke Likuden Video Platinum Ongoing
Multi-run stories (italicized runs complete)
Title Author Type Games
Pokemon Hard Mode Nuzlocke comics Ruby FireRed White
Dustysapphire World Tour dustyfootwarrior comics Sapphire Crystal Platinum FireRed X Black
Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs Pokemontrainergigi comics Emerald Explorers of Sky White
It Just Got Serious BlazeDGO comics Platinum FireRed SoulSilver
Peanut's Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenges! Froodals comics Diamond White
Sarachan89's TCW Nuzlockes Sarachan89 comics FireRed HeartGold Emerald
The iStockphoto Nuzlocke Challenge Nate / N8 mixed-media  Ruby White
The Nuzlocke Duo Dylan and Stinkies Mixed-media Diamond and Pearl X and Y

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