The Brandlocke is a variation of the common Nuzlocke Challenge, and requires challengers to use a certain, randomly generated Pokemon type to battle with, similar to most Gym Leaders, Elite Four Members, and Champions.

Rules Edit

1. Fainted Pokemon are DEAD. This rule comes from the Nuzlocke Challenge. After death, fainted Pokemon must be boxed in a PC permanently, or be released.

2. However, this challenge does not carry the standard, "first catch" from the Nuzlocke. After selecting a type (read next paragraph), you have 9 tries per area to catch any Pokemon who evolve into, or are, your chosen type. After trying 9 times and not finding a Pokemon with the same type, you can catch the 10th Pokemon, regardless of typing. However, if you fail to catch this Pokemon, you may no longer catch any Pokemon, on that route/area. However, no more than 2 of your 6 Pokemon may be a different type. If you do catch more, they must be boxed until one of the others dies, then they can be used in place of the fallen Pokemon.

3. Before starting your challenge, go to and generate a random number between 1 and 16. However, if you are playing Generation VI or above, you may generate a random number between 1 and 17, to include the new Fairy type. After generating your random number, see the rubric below to pick a type. 1=Fire, 2=Water, 3=Grass, 4=Normal, 5=Flying, 6=Fighting, 7=Psychic, 8=Ghost, 9=Dark, 10=Ground, 11=Rock, 12=Steel, 13=Poison, 14= Electric, 15=Ice, 16=Bug, and 17=Fairy. Dragon is not included on this list due to the difficulty to obtain, however, players can make this option #17 if wanted.

4. Players must nickname their Pokemon. This is to increase their "bond"

5. If all of a players Pokemon faint, then the Brandlocke Challenge is over. Players should not restart their game if something goes wrong, as doing so would make all rules pointless.

6. A trainer may not exceed the level limit, which is determined by the highest level Pokemon the next Gym Leader carries. However, there is an exception to this rule (shown below)

7. Every trainer must have one "branded" Pokemon (hence the name Brandlocke) that can exceed the level limit, but only by 3 levels max. Your branded Pokemon is the only one that can hold a berry, and also, must be the branded Pokemon until it faints/dies. Then, the next highest level Pokemon is the new branded Pokemon, and henceforth, must stay branded until it faints/dies. Also, the starter is required to be the first "branded" Pokemon, until, of course, it faints/dies.

8. Pokemon MAY NOT be deposited to your PC. Only for HM Slaves, and they cannot participate in battles unless they are the last Pokemon standing.

Optional Rules Edit

1. To increase the difficulty, players may switch battle style to "set", and/or limit item usage.

2. To decrease the difficulty, players may generate 3 random types, and select one to use.

Tips/Tricks Edit

1. If your type has a Gym Leader, or Elite Four Member (Ex. if you have the Fire type in Sinnoh you might pick Flint), then try to base your team off of his. Since there is no "random starter" rule you could grab a starter of the type right off the bat!

2. In Gen. V and above, TM's can be used as many times as necessary. If you are playing in Gen. IV or below, savor your STAB TM's and save them for the Elite Four.

3. If necessary, don't be afraid to intentionally KO one of your own Pokemon to replace it.

4. Think ahead: if you are steel-and are approaching Blaine, grab Tentacruel and teach them Surf. Take advantage of the fact that the Dupes Clause is NOT in play.

5. Also, take advantage of the 2 slots that are given to variate your type. Use those Pokemon to play to your main types weaknesses. For example, if you are Fighting type, and have 2 slots, get a type that triumphs Psychic for coverage, and a type that triumphs Flying for coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Edit

Q.How do I pick my starter?

A.First, lets take the Sinnoh starters for example. If your type is Water or Steel, you must pick Piplup. If you are Fire or Fighting, you must pick Chimchar. Also, if you Grass or Ground, you have to pick Turtwig. If you are none of those types, any of them work, but they take up one of your available variation spots, so choose wisely.

Q.Can I keep my Pokemon from evolving?

A.Yes, but only if they do not evolve into your type. For example, if you were the Steel type, it would be illegal to keep Scyther from evolving. The same goes the other way around; If you used Flying types, you must stop Scyther from evolving because it would evolve out of its type. If you used Bug types, its your choice because they are both Bug types.

Q.About the question above - if I had a Scyther and my type was Flying, could I evolve it to Scizor if I had a free, open variation space?


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