The Boxlocke was created by PokeTuber GreatSageSpike pretty recently. It is pretty similar to an Egglocke as you can see.


The Boxlocke has an unique feature that limits the kind of Pokémon you'll use. All of them will be randomly generated, players will have them at the beginning of the game and those will be the only ones they can use. Each captured Pokémon, including the starter, may be changed for one of the randomly generated Pokémon in the box, and the one caught cannot be used. That means that you'll have 30 Pokémon at the beginning of the game, but you won't be able to use them until you catch a replacement for them.

Nuzlocke RulesEdit

  1. You may only catch the first Pokémon you encounter in each new area you explore.
    • If you fail or knock it out, you may not catch anything.
  2. If one of your Pokémon faints, it is considered dead and you must release it or place it in a "DEAD" box.

Steps to set up a BOX for a BOXLOCKEEdit

May take a while if you're not used to PokeGen, but other than that shouldn't take anything more than 45 minutes to do this really. If you cannot do these things without help then the BOXLOCKE is probably not for you :[

  • Randomize 5 sets of six Level 1 Pokémon using a Random Pokémon Generator, then place them in the save of your game using Pokegen (both linked at the end).
  • The randomizing option "SETS" is your choice, random is recommended if you want a challenge.
  • It must be 6 unevolved (LC) Pokémon that are eligible for the game being 'locked.
  • If a Gen 5 game or hack is being 'locked, there must be 6 Pokémon from each region.
  • You may not change some things from the Pokémon's moveset (Moves, Ability), but the moves may be changed to anything of your liking according to the generation of the game being 'locked. For example, if the Pokémon has Bulldoze as a move and you're 'locking a 4th Gen game you may change it. You must not change the moves otherwise. Also, you may give it a nickname if you'd like and you may change the item to your liking. You may have only one Pokémon holding the Leftovers, the Choice Specs, and the Choice Band. The Pokémon can be shiny if you wish.
  • EVs can be edited or randomized. IV Spread must be randomized in Pokegen itself unless Hidden Power is being used, then you may edit the spread. Happiness can be whatever.
  • Level up moves, tutor moves, HM moves, TM moves etc. can be learned during the 'locke.

Boxlocke RulesEdit

Now we get to the actual rules of the Boxlocke itself

  • Battle Style is set to "SET".
  • Your starter Pokémon should be released in exchange for the first Pokémon in your box.
  • When you catch a new Pokémon, release it in exchange for a Pokémon in your box. To determine the Pokémon that you choose, roll a die twice. The first number you get is the column (going from top to bottom). The second number is the position on the row (going from left to right).
  • Gift Pokémon may not be used to exchange and must be unaccepted. You may only use and accept them if you have only one Pokémon left, if otherwise, do not.
  • It is game over when all 30 Pokémon have died.
  • When you blackout, it is also game over, and you may continue only if you release 5 available Pokémon.

Insert the 30 generated Pokémon into the gameEdit

There are two ways to insert your Pokémon. The first one is modifying the game with PokeGen or another hacking program. The second option is through gamesharks and cheat codes; each game has a different set of codes. First of all, you'll need an unlimited supply of MasterBalls, so you can catch the Pokémon without worrying if they'll run away, faint or if you'll run out of Pokéballs. Then, an unlimited (or high amount) of Rare Candies. When you catch a new Pokémon in a route, it will have a specific level, possibly higher than the ones from the Pokémon in your box, so you'll need to level them up quickly.

  • You can also set a code so every Pokémon you encounter is at Level 1.

The trickiest part is to catch every 30 generated Pokémon. There's a different code for each one; they will appear in the wild when the cheat is activated. Catch all 30, and when you're done, deactivate every code and start the game.



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