1. Can only catch the second Pokemon of each area, this is different from normal rules just because Wynaut 2. Nickname all captures 3. Fainting = Death 4. All Pokemon must have Blood Relations. A. Blood Siblings. Fight like a pair, always. Same gender. If one dies, the other can never be used again. Caught back to back. B. Vampire. 1 Resurrection ever. 1 on team at a time. 3 ever total. Only fight between 6:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M. C. Leech. Water, Grass, Bug, Dark or Poison Type. Moves below 80 Power only. Up to 2 Offensive Moves. Infinite Healing Item Use. D. Immune System. Recovery Move is mandatory. At least 1 Non-Offensive Move. Infinite Status Clear Item Use. E. Blood Donor. Starter/Gift Pokemon Exclusive. No special Rules. Only 1 per team. F. Anemic. Cannot use Healing Items below 1/3 HP. No moves above 80 Power. G. Mosquito. Must know HP-Draining Move. No Healing Items. Bug/Grass Types only. H. Murderer. Must kill any enemy it faces. No Healing Items. Cannot be used against enemies with a 7+ Level Difference. I. Blood Age. Effects change as levels rise. J. Blood Types. Effects vary on Typing.

Blood Age. Level Based. 1-13: No special effects. Infinite Healing Items. 14-21: Cannot fight enemies 5 levels above it. Regular Healing Item Count. 22-45: Only 1 Healing Item in battle. Cannot fight enemies 5 levels below it. 46-60: No Healing Items. No attacks above 90 power. At least 1 Non-Offensive move. 61-75: 2 Non-Offensive moves. No attacks above 70 power. Cannot fight enemies below its level. 'Dead' if it attacks a single enemy more than 6 times. 76-100: 2 Non-Offensive Moves. No attacks above 60 Power. 'Dead' if it attacks a single enemy more than 4 times.

Blood Types. Type Based. A: Grass, Flying, Poison, Bug, Steel, Rock. B: Fire, Fighting, Ground, Electric, Fairy, Psychic. O: Water, Ghost, Normal, Ice, Dark, Dragon. AB: Dual Types.

Blood Type Banes: A: No fighting against an enemy with a type that is supereffective, or A-Type. B: No fighting Evil Team Members or Gym Trainers. O: No fighting Gym Leaders/Trial Captains or Victory Road Trainers/Route Captains. AB: No fighting lower level Pokemon or when they have the advantage.

Blood Type Boons: A: 2 extra healing items in battle. B: Allowed to Mega Evolve/Z-Move (Gen VI+). Allowed to go above Level Limits by 5 (Gen I->V) O: May be traded for an Egg of a Pokemon of O-Blood Type, but only after surviving 4 hours of Gameplay. AB: Infinite Status Clear Item Use in battle.

5. Genderless MUST be Murderers. 6. 3 Healing Items Max per Battle (unless otherwise stated). 7. Always Dupes/Shiny/Gift/Pidgey/Pikipek Clause. 8. No Z-Moves or Mega Evolution ever. 9. Game Exclusive Extra Encounter Rules.

-RBY/GSC/RSE: 2 Badges = 1 Extra 'Mon. In RBY and RSE Rival Battle Victories and Evil Team Boss Victories also count as badges. -DPPt: 2 Badges = 1 Extra 'Mon. Anemic or Blood Age only. Beating Giratina, Cyrus and Cynthia earn one extra capture each. -HGSS: 5 Extras at any time at all. Must become Murderers/Vampires. Can only enter the team when someone dies. -BWB2W2: Randomized extra encounters (5). Dupes Clause temporarily negated. Can only use after defeating Skyla. -XY: Gift Pokemon = 1 Free Encounter. Must become Blood Sibling. Genderless Encounter isn't counted. -ORAS: 7 Sneak Encounters anywhere (only 1 from any single route) after defeating Primal. Must randomly 'Kill' a single main party member if you do this. -SunMoon: 3 Z-Crystals = 1 Free Encounter using Island Scan(Blood Types Only). 1 Kahuna win = Free Random Encounter  anywhere on that island(Vampires Only).

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