Definition Edit

Inspired by aspects of the Notepad clause and Starterlocke with an addition of a few unique rules...

Core Rules Edit

1) If a pokemon faints its classified as dead and must be released. (No Revives!)

2) You can only catch the first pokemon of each route. You can however choose whether or not to catch a pokemon in a route, with the hopes of finding a better one in the next route.

3) Why do this, you ask? Because you're limited to a team of six and cannot store any pokemon in the PC system (Not yet at least). This means a team slot can only be switched when said pokemon is dead and gone, so choose your slots wisely...

4) After you defeat a gym leader and collect the badge you can award yourself with one free catch. Consider this the real reward for beating the gym leader that can be added to the team immediately (If there is a free slot) or stored in the box for later use. If boxed the stored pokemon can only be called upon again in the occasion that there is an empty slot on the team, however it's up to you to choose to do this or wait for an opportunity to catch a pokemon in a new route. (Remember a pokemon cannot be switched the only way it's leaving the team is when it's dead)

5) You must nickname the reward gym caught pokemon after the defeated gym leader, regardless of the pokemon's gender. (You must also nickname all your other pokemon but are free to choose which nickname they are given)

Additional Rules

6) It's advantageous to play with a randomizer code to increase your chances of finding different/rare types of pokemon.

7) Your Starter is special and therefore cannot be allowed to die. In such case you lose the Locke.

8) You are allowed to catch a legendaries with the only restriction being you are limited to one at a time. (so basically until it dies)

9) You must play the game in set mode.

10) You can use items both in and outside battles. | You are also allowed unlimited heals in the pokemon centre. | You must not extremely overlevel your pokemon. (5 levels above the Gym Leaders/Elite four highest pokemon is the maximum you can go into a battle with them.

11) No trade or gift pokemon.

Progress Note

I advice to only play this locke on Black & White | Black & White 2 because they don't rely heavily on the use of HMs and can basically be completed entirely without the needed use. In the occasion in B/W where cut is needed to progress in the game you may take the elemental monkey however it can't be used in battle and must be released immediately after.

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