A pretty recent Nuzlocke, Blaze's Nuzlocke Challenge follows the journey of a 14 year old girl called Blaze as she tries to beat the Unova league.

While the first few pages of the run is mindless silliness and fun, the more recent ones have been getting - starting at the introduction of 'spirit', a soul who attacked Cheren to find out if he knew anything harmful about Team Plasma.


  1. Only catch one Pokemon per route, it must be the first encounter
  2. Only catch one of each kind of Pokemon; if your first encounter is a Pokemon you have already caught, move on to the next Pokemon. You are allowed 5 tries before you are not allowed to catch anything
  3. Shinies are allowed to be caught regardless to if they are your first encounter.
  4. When a Pokemon faints you must box it forever.
  5. Nickname all your Pokemon.


So far the protagonist has collected 1 badge in a total of 21 pages.




[LereBird's DA page]

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