Black Tea is a Gijinka Nuzlocke comic which story happens in somewhat

Black Tea banner, in the likeness of a play poster

Victorian Unova. Drawn and scripted by CritexMind (aka Crit or Critex), the first page was uploaded at 4th December 2012.

The RulesEdit

The rules can be found here and are as follows:

  1. If a pokemon faints, it's boxed forever.  If your starter dies: Game Over.
  2. Nicknames, of course.
  3. Cannot equip any Battle Subway hold items, even if they were given or found.
  4. Genderless pokemon cannot use food items.
  5. Cannot accept N's Zorua
  6. Cannot use items during regular battles.
  7. Catch only one pokemon per area.  Dupes Clause and Shiny Clause are in effect.
  • Outer Desert Resort is considered as Route 4
  • Relic Castle is divided into 'Desert Resort' and 'Relic Path'.
  • Giant Chasm is divided into 'Lacunosa AccesS', 'Outer Caves', 'Valley' and 'Kyurem's Den'.
  • Victory Road is divided into 'Ruins', 'Outside', 'Forest', 'Cave 1', 'Cliffside' and 'Cave 2'.


Adel, an Oshawott from a rich family runs away from home with help from Ed, a Purrloin, to take part in the prestigious League Challenge. On their way they meet other challengers with different objectives and accents.


  • Despite the comic's setting, the author is not british, not even europpean.
  • Due to many factors, the comic has small style differences.
  • The first two pages were initially made in Traditional media.
  • Some characters possess "experimental" accents.


Black Tea is available on Critex's deviantArt and on the Nuzlocke Forums. The comic is still in progress.

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