Theme Edit

You are a psychopathic Pokémon killer, who recruits likewise psychopath Pokemon; it is yours to decide which story you'll give to each of them. The name of the variant is from "asylum".

Definition Edit

  • Catch rule clause: You must have your starter in your team at all moments.
  • Catch rule clause: You may only  wild battles with a certain Pokémon, called the Kidnapper, unless your wish is to kill the said Pokémon.
  • Catch rule clause: You can have a maximum of 3 Pokémon in the boxes at any time.
  • Catch rule clause: You may not use the egg system, nor the trading system
  • Catch rule clause: You have a maximum of one legendary in your possession.
  • Failure: If you black out because you lost, you are dead, even if you have Pokémon still alive in your boxes.
  • Roles: Every Pokémon you catch must be given one of the six non-Head roles:
    • The Head: Your starter. It fills all and any roles, and can be used to catch other Pokémon. If you lose your starter, you cannot use items in battles anymore; also, your starter must be your highest level at all times. If you lose your starter, you cannot use PokéCenters without the city badge anymore, you cannot heal during a battle (except for the Mass Murderer, but he is a special one), and you cannot have any more than five of each item, any excessive is to be sold at the moment of the death, and all wild pokémon are to be ran away from until you dispose of The Head's body.
    • The Mass Murderer: This Pokémon should be leveled intensely, as it cannot be healed during battles, only after a kill (and only once, then) or out of battle. It may not be switched at any time and, if it is going against a trainer (your rival, gym leaders and the E4 count) or the such, it needs to score 3 kills or to end the battle himself. You may not switch to him in the middle of a battle, he must start it (meaning, if you wish to switch to him to fight a certain Pokémon, you have to switch at the switch they give you inbetween kills). He may only use damaging moves (No Leer, no stat reducing moves, he needs brute damage;  are accepted) and ranged attacks are allowed.
    • The Assassin: This Pokémon is hit and run -- It can appear a maximum of three times a battle, max once per Pokémon, to launch a single attack. If it misses an attack during a battle, it must be kept on the field until either it or it's target is dead, and it may not be healed, awakened, given an antidote, anti burn, etc. You may want to keep attacks with extremely low risks of missing for him, and may want to make him a quick or high damage Pokémon. This Pokémon is also unique, you may only have one.
    • The Stalker: He can only use moves that reduce stats like defense, attack or accuracy, and make the target confused, sleep, etc. It cannot do damage at any time, but it can use moves to paralyze the target or make it sleep, then use its turns to make the opponent's attack/defence/accuracy so low that the target is no longer a danger. (Confusion is fine, as the target hurts itself, so it is not direct damage. Side effects like burn or poison are not accepted.)
    • The Kidnapper: This is the only Pokémon you can use against a wild Pokémon you may want to capture, if another Pokémon is used, the wild one must be killed. Not to mention, this Pokémon is unique, you may not have two of them. (Though you can also use your starter, for obvious reasons).
    • The Shooter: This Pokémon can only use attacks that make no contact with the target (not physical attacks like Tackle, Bite, etc. Ice Beam, Flamethrower, etc are accepted) and may only use ranged attacks. He can be switched at any time.
    • The Serial Killer: This Pokémon uses melee damage only, he is basically the opposite of The Shooter.

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