Ashien is one of the living pokmon of Nuz's Omega Ruby run and part of the Champion Team.  

Personality Edit

Ashien is hot headed with a short temper. Quick footed and rash she finds herself in tough situations a lot. Though she has a tough outside she does have a secert kind heart but only ever showed this around Eclipse, her best friend who died before the elite four against Wally. But has again been lightened up after meeting Parker.

For being quite brutish and clumsy, she is a great poet which she learned from Eclipse and enjoys being to herself.

Relationships Edit

Parker Edit

Parker is Ashien boyfriend from Unova. They first met on Nuz's trip back to Hoenn after the last gym. She is quite gentle around him and he has stated that she may seem tough on the outside but that he loved everything about her, even the temper.

Eclipse Edit

Eclipse was Ashien's best friend until her death at hands of Wally. They beat the physic gym in a double battle together and have been very close. Eclipse taught Ashien poetry and she is said to still know some peices special from Eclipse that she never told anyone else.

Heneff Edit

Heneff is currently Ashien friend. They are quite alike and Heneff is ok with Ashien's temper.

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