SoulSiver Hard Mode: Apocalypse Johto
Began January 21, 2012
Status hiatus
# Chapters/Updates 646 pages
Game information
Game Soul silver
Region Johto
Chosen starter's type Water type
Comic description
Media comic
Coloring monochromatic
Protagonist original design
Story details
Genre suspense, action
Plot original
Nuzlocke Forum

They say every thing happens for a reason...what the fuck do they know.

Apocalypse Johto is a SoulSiver Nuzlocke run by SABERinBLUE. It is a post-apocalyptic story about Candace, one of the few survivors of New Bark Town. It is drawn in black and white and presents a somewhat messy art style that shows a clear use of references and tracing. The first page was published on January 21, 2012, and the run is currently on hiatus.


  1. If a Pokemon faints, it is dead.
  2. Only attempt to catch the first Pokemon you see on each area.


The Nuzlocke focuses on Candace, the female trainer protagonist option. Her story begins with a strange event that becomes known as the Change. One day, Pokemon became incredibly powerful and vicious. They attacked and destroyed indescriminately. Even trained pokemon in time would turn on their owners. Candace and Professor Elm are the only two survivors from New Bark Town, and have made it their mission to find the cause of the Chance, and put a stop to all that it has wrought. Elm has identified Mount Silver as a possible link to discovering the reason behind the Change, so Candace sets out to collect all eight badges from what remains of the cities of Johto, so that she can gain access to Victory Road and, hopefully, find a way to put a stop to the madness that has fallen upon the Pokemon world.


  • Candace A.K.A "the Zangoose": an annoying 18 year-old bitch with scars from every battle. Living in constant danger and facing countless near-death experiences has hardened her into the fearless, ruthless, and at times even feral, fighting machine that she has become.
  • Silver A.K.A. "Seviper": A mysterious youth that met met Candace on the day New Bark Town was attacked, and received a large facial scar from Riptide. They have clashed much more since then. He believes Candace to be too dangerous to leave alive. To this end, he takes of the mantle of Team Rocket boss with the goal of taking her down.
  • Giovanni: Ex-leader of Team Rocket. After the change, he reappeared with Team Rocket in a radio broadcast, warning the survivors of Johto that Candace was a threat and not to be trusted or aided.
  • Falkner: The Violet City gym leader. After losing his father to the Change, he lost the will to fight as well. It was only after his confrontation with Candace that he got back on his feet to fight for humanity.
  • Whitney: Gym Leader of Goldenrod. When the Change struck, she rallied the citizens of Goldenrod to her side and managed to defend the city from Pokemon attack. Since then, she has been vital in keeping hope alive amongst the survivors, maintaining defense and keeping the peace. She becomes romantically involved with Candace, but puts an end to it for fear that she might put Candace in more danger.
  • Prof. Elm: The only other person besides Candace to survive New Bark Town after the Change. He has been like a father to her all her life. After trying, but ultimately failing, to save New Bark Town, he began to work with Candace and other survivors to find and put a stop to the source of the Change.
  • The Kimono Girls: Mysterious hallucinations that haunt Candace, appearing every so often and vanishing just as quickly as they appear. It is later revealed that they are caused by her connection to Lugia, and that it is using them to communicate with her.
  • Eusine: Not much is known of what happened to him in the years following the Change. After learning Candace had killed Morty, he sought to end her life in turn.

Candace's teamEdit

Currently OwnedEdit

  • Riptide: A Feraligatr, Candace's starter
  • Fortinbras: an Umbreon, received from Whitney as an Eevee on Candace's sixteenth birthday, 3-4 months after the Change
  • Deathstar: A Forretress
  • Frostbite: A Jynx, relatively new to the team (caught in Ice Path)
  • Trumph Card: A sociopathic Lugia connected with Candace's mind
  • Wavebuster: A kingler with the words "johto will survive" carved in its left arm


  • Knives: A lvl 6 Rattata
  • keystone: A Geodude
  • Hilbert: A Ledyba
  • Dr.seuss: A Drowzee
  • Shenglong: A Magikarp
  • ravine: A Female Nidoran


  • Watchwing: A Noctowl, Candace's first catch, lost to the Cianwood monster
  • Alastor: A Gastly, caught in Sprout Tower, lost to Morty
  • Beelzebub: a Beedrill, caught in Ilex forest, lost to the Cianwood monster
  • Clutch: An Exeggcute, lost tothe Cianwood monster
  • Hellacross: a Heracross, used to save Whitney this first time, lost to the Sudowoodo
  • Flashpoint: A Mareep/Flaaffy, quickly lost to the Red Gyarados after being caught
  • Crucible: A Ninetales that was sacrificed after go rampant and start to carbonize people
  • Pacifista: An Ursaring


  • Riptide is referenced in It Just Got Serious: Soul Silver with the name of Silver's Totodile
  • At 646 pages, it is one of the largest, if not the largest, fan run.
  • Apocalypse Johto is one of the most popular fan runs, earning nine nominations between the 2011 & 2012 Fan Run Extravaganzas.
    • Despite its popularity, it only won two of those nine contests, one each year.


Apocalypse johto it published on dA and the nuzlocke forums

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