1. If a Pokémon faints it must be put in a purgatory box
  2. You have 2 chances to catch a Pokemon on a route.If you leave a route you can never catch a Pokémon on that route again. (This rule only activates AFTER you have Poké Balls.)
  3. You must try to catch the first Pokémon on the route. (for catching rules see rule 2)
  4. Mandatory captures are not included in the first catch rule.

Special rules (points of the Nuzlocke)

  1. You can revive a dead Pokémon once.This Pokémon MUST be renamed with the word angel/ange in the name. This can only be done once per Pokémon.
  2. To revive a Pokémon you must either collect all 8 gym badges OR catch a legendary. An exception is starters, which require 2 Legendaries AND becoming the champion.You must sacrifice a Pokémon to do any of this.
  3. Sacrificed Pokémon CANNOT be revived. NO EXCEPTIONS (You must use a different Pokémon each time). Legendaries (except the first caught) must be put in a used box.
  4. Renewal clause- To get a legendary that has died/ been used you must sacrifice 4 level 25 Pokemon, 2 level 50 Pokemon or 1 level 100 Pokemon (they must be Pokémon of a different evolutionary line). They will have arch/archangel in the name instead of angel when revived.

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