Cover copy

The cover of ENCC, by Jarino.

This is the first Nuzlocke run by Jarino. The comic follows the protagonist Chrome, the daughter of Norman. It began on September 24, 2011, and has been ongoing. So far, there are 12 parts and a prologue.

Unlike many popular Nuzlocke runs, ENCC has not been posted in the Nuzlocke forums. It can be read on deviantArt, though.

The RulesEdit

  1. If a Pokemon faints, place it in a "dead" box
  2. Nickname all Pokemon caught
  3. Catch only one Pokemon per route/area
  4. No legendaries
  5. Shiny Clause
Chromenuzlockerules copy

An example of the comic's drawing style, alongside the rules.


The comics are colored grayscale in order to portray Chrome's vision of the world, since she is colorblind. They are drawn in a cutesy cartoony style.

Though the comic hasn't progressed much so far, the artist has said that she has a grand-scale plot in mind for the comics.


Chrome's current party is as follows:

  • Teal, marshtomp (Male)
  • Olive, breloom (Female)
  • Burgundy, swellow (Female)
  • Saffron, makuhita (Male)
  • Persimmon, numel (Male)


  • Navy, poochyena (Male)
  • Mint, gulpin (Female)
  • Fuchsia, loudred (Male)


  • The pokemon in Chrome's party are all named after colors.
  • All pokemon can speak and are understood by humans.


Chrome's Challenge is currently only available on Jarino's deviantart.

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