Amber and Zippo: A FireRed Nuzlocke
by Amber Galloway (Charmeleon64)
Media Literature
Began August 13th, 2013
Status Ongoing
# Chapters/Updates 11 chapters
Game information
Game Pokemon FireRed
Region Kanto
Chosen starter's type Fire
Story details
Genre Adventure, comedy
Plot game-based simple
Pokemon Protag understands
Nuzlocke Forum

Amber and Zippo: A FireRed Nuzlocke is a novel-based Nuzlocke story created and written by online author Amber Galloway, under the username "Charmeleon64" on the Nuzlocke Forums. It was inspired by and is based upon a failed challenge on the same game that she attempted three months prior to the story's publication.


  1. The first encountered Pokemon must be captured in each area. No exceptions.
  2. If a Pokemon faints, it is dead and it must be released.
  3. All Pokemon must be named, even temporary Pokemon.


The story focuses on Pokemon Trainer Amber and her Charmeleon, Zippo, in their adventure across Kanto to get the 8 Gym Badges required to participate in the Pokemon League and they encounter several Pokemon that come and go as the two progress, and three just stuck around.


Amber Taymore: A twelve-year old Pokemon Trainer who aims to particpate in the Pokemon League and possibly become the league's Champion.

Main Team:

  • Zippo (The Leader): Amber's male Charmeleon and was given to her as a Charmander. (Level 30; Brave; Met at Level 5 in Pallet Town)
  • Cassandra (AKA Cassie; The Navigator): Amber's female Pidgeotto caught as a Pidgey and one of Zippo's close friends. (Level 29; Docile; Met at Level 3 at Route 1)
  • Satoshi (Lightning Bolt): Amber's female Pikachu and one of Zippo's close friends. (Level 27; Amadant; Met at Level 12 in Viridian Forest)
  • Rennes (The Wise One): Amber's elderly male Arbok caught as an Ekans and one of Zippo's close friends. (Level 27; Quiet; Met at Level 12 in Route 4)
  • Starflight: A female Eevee who used to belong to a man in Celedon, but he gave her to Amber. (Level 25; Brave; Met at level 25 in Celedon City)
  • Kara: An orphaned baby Cubone who was first mentioned by Creampelt when the group was discussing about the ghost in Pokemon Tower. (Level 23; Calm; Met at level 19 in the Pokemon Tower)

Amber's other PokemonEdit


  • Akimitsu (Calm Male Raticate; Caught at Level 3; Died at Level 21 in Chapter 4)
  • Ethan (Bashful Male Fearow; Caught at Level 4; Died at Level 23 in Chapter 8)
  • Louis, AKA Lou (Hardy Nidorino; First Shown as Level 14; Died at Level 25 in Chapter 11)


  • Katrina (Timid Female Butterfree; Caught at Level 4; Released at Level 22)


  • Creampelt; formerly Creampaw (Naive Female Persian; Caught at Level 19; Currently at Level 28)
  • Alexandra, AKA Alex (Quirky Kadabra; Caught at Level 19; Currently at Level 23)
  • Bell (Sassy Female Oddish; Caught at level 19; Currently at level 21)
  • Yanshi (Careful Male Onix; Currently at Level 20)
  • Logan (Bold Male Growlithe; Currently at Level 20)


  • Rocky (Bold Male Butterfree; Released with Katrina at Level 21)
  • Eric (Sassy Male Fearow; Used to get Louis to the Pokemon Tower at Level 24)

Rival's teamEdit

  • Gary Oak: Amber's thriteen-year old rival and is Professor Oak's grandson.
  • Wartortle: Gary's starter Pokemon and is Zippo's rival.


  • This is Galloway's first Nuzlocke to fail before its story counterpart's publication, and possibly her only Nuzlocke whose game cartridge the challenge was imposed on stayed intact and got past the point of failure in the game.
  • There are name changes planned for Zippo and Cassandra; Zippo's name change will also affect the name of the story.
  • This Nuzlocke, and Galloway's other ongoing Nuzlocke, are based off Cube, and it's 2004 prequel in terms of certain scenes and names from the two horror films.
  • It is written exclusively on a Barnes and Noble NOOK HD tablet because a previous computer of Galloway's was so slow that it couldn't load the page.


Exclusively on the Nuzlocke Forums on

Amber and Zippo on ZetaBoards

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