"A retelling of Pokemon Emerald where the Pokemon speak out, the battles are deadly, and the Kantoky Fried Torchic is delicious."

--Mewitti's description of the comic.

Alterity is a Nuzlocke comic written by user Mewitti on DeviantArt. It chronicles the author's playthrough of Pokemon Emerald playing by the rules of the Nuzlocke Challenge.

It can be read on DeviantArt here.


  • The comics central protagonist is Robin, an ambiguously gendered trainer who is approaching his or her 15th birthday. Robin steals a Torchic (see below) and becomes a trainer in order to escape from his or her abusive mother.
  • Robin's first Pokemon is Talon, formerly Dante. Talon is a Torchic who is accustomed to assisting Pokemon esearchers in New Bark Town. He was formerly owned by Brendan.


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