Alexial's Emerald Nuzlocke
by cocoaferret
Began September 24, 2010
Status hiatus
# Chapters/Updates 27 pages
Game information
Game emerald
Region Hoenn
Chosen starter's type Fire
Comic description
Media digital comic
Coloring occasionally colored
Protagonist original design
Story details
Genre action humour
Plot game-based
Pokemon human speak
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Alexial's Emerald Nuzlocke is a Nuzlocke Challenge Run by Alexa A.K.A. cocoaferret. It is a comic written and drawn by with the first page published on dA in September 24, 2010


  1. Only one Pokemon per route may be caught, unless shiny, no trades, no legendaries, no events
  2. Nickname everyone.
  3. If a Pokemon faints, it is dead, and you must release it.
  4. Good luck!


With a very light hearted style on the first pages soon develops into a serious, professional looking comic with brilliant execution. The content is absolutely marvelous, the characters memorable and engaging. One cannot possibly ask for more.

LMAO, you aren't fooling anyone with that masturbatory drivel. Nice try, cocoa.



  • Alexial
  • Brendan: son of Prof.Birch, after Alexial Beat him his nose starts to bleed every time they encounter each other
  • Steven Stone: son of Mr.Stone a mysterious man that almost always disappears when its needed
  • Maxie: Team magma's leader, who's objective is to create more land for the people it seems he knows who is Steven
  • Archie: Team aqua's leader


Alexial's team

Currently Owned
  1. Brutus: a timid male blaziken and alexial first pokemon, it always seems concerned and nervous
  2. Lyle: a serious and negative dustox who dedicate his free time to brood
  3. Alejandro: "the fabulous" shiny lombre
  4. Nii: a altaria made of cotton candy that communicate via emoticons
  5. Mary anne: a manectric wit a bad attitude
  6. Lucille: alexial's silent linoone
  1. Gloria: Alexial's first poochyena killed on the search for Steven
  2. Delilah: an aron caught on and killed on a gym battle
  3. Chuck: a weird Absol
  1. Regina: a Royalty azumarrill who always refer herself on plural
  2. Nancy: Alexial's loudred who acts like a mother to the team
  3. Sophia: a tropius
  4. Abraham: a Mightyena Alexial's second poochyena
  5. Sabayon: a spheal
  6. Amos: a tentacruel that transport alexial
  7. Rachel: a slugma
  8. Chowder: an annoying goddamned zubat

Steven's team

  1. Laertes: Steven metang
  2. Samson: Steven's aggron
  3. Skarmory: a really insane one


  • Brutus paint his nails
  • Chuck is a female
  • Lucille its based on black rook shooter


its availble on cocoaferret's dA on it's gallery and on its respective forums thread