Adventures in Kanto is a written Nuzlocke, also called a storylocke, telling the story of Leif, a mysterious young man found alone in Viridian Forest when he was a baby and his quest to discover who he is and where he came from. This story was written by StAugustine6 on deviantART, with the first page being published on June 30, 2012 and the final page was published on August 23, 2012.

Adventures in Kanto
by StAugustine6
Began June 30, 2012
Status Completed
# Chapters/Updates 40 pages
Finished August 23, 2012
Game information
Game Not based on any actual gameplay.
Region Kanto
Chosen starter's type Grass
Comic description
Media Writing
Coloring Black and white
Protagonist Male
Story details
Genre Fanfiction
Plot A mysterious man named Leif tries to discover who he is.
Pokemon Human/Pokemon
Nuzlocke Forum
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Leif had lived his whole life believing that he was the grandson of a nice couple in Viridian City. However, on the date of his hypothetical 18th birthday, they told him that they had in fact found him all alone in the Viridian Forest. The only thing they found with him was a necklace with a wood-carved tag with the name Easy on it. Leif then decided to go on a Pokemon journey, not to challenge the League, but simply to find out who he is.



Beyond being an orphan his entire life, Leif is very compassionate, and is quite jarred at the possibility of his Pokemon being killed on his journey, seeing that as a personal failure. Although he does have a few badges to his credit, most were only given as a reward for something Leif did outside of a Pokemon battle.

Leif's Pokemon --

  • Fushi (Bulbasaur > Ivysaur > Venasaur)
  • Kit-Kat (Caterpie > Metapod > Butterfree) DEAD
  • Ishitu (Geodude) DEAD
  • Nyara (Meowth > Persian)
  • Sawa (Hitmonlee) DEAD
  • Lacy (Lapras) DEAD
  • Aerodactyl (un-nicknamed)

Daisy OakEdit

The granddaughter of Professor Samuel Oak and the older half-sister of Gary Oak, Daisy travels on a Pokemon journey to escape her house, where she feels she will be relegated to full-time babysitter for her brother. She is very resentful of her father, Professor Oak's son, for moving on so soon after her mother's untimely death from skin cancer just two years ago. Although technically a rival to Leif, there are many instances where they work together.

Daisy's Pokemon --

  • Blazer (Charmander > Charmeleon > Charizard)
  • Scratch (Meowth) DEAD
  • Soar (Pidgey > Pidgeotto > Pidgeot)
  • Magic (Abra > Kadabra > Alakazam) DEAD
  • Chancer (Hitmonchan) DEAD
  • Scylla (Magikarp > Gyarados) DEAD
  • Bomber (Voltorb > Electrode) DEAD

Mew and the Legendary BirdsEdit

Leif discovered early on that he had the ability to "feel" Pokemon emotions and was able to communicate with them on a deeper level than most people. Not long after defeating Team Rocket for the first time, Leif received a telepathic message in a dream from Mew, the Pokemon that Team Rocket was searching for. Mew told him that it was his job to stop Team Rocket at all costs, lest they succeed with their plans. Mew also told Leif about three "teachers" that would help him learn the skills he would need to beat Team Rocket. Mew gave Leif a tuft of his fur through a dream as a sign of protection and trust. At the end, during the battle with Giovanni
Leif's Necklace

Leif's necklace with his name tag and legendary ornaments. By Saint

and Blaine, Mew interceded on Leif's behalf. And although that act ended the battle and perhaps saved Leif's life, it revealed to Team Rocket that Mew actually existed, making them even more persistant in their want to capture it.


Articuno was the first of these teachers and taught the value of Tenacity after Leif found him in the Seafoam Islands. Leif passed the test by being the first person ever to reach Articuno's nest in the very bottom of the cavern. Articuno gave Leif one of his feathers as a sign that he had been there and was protected.


The second teacher was Zapdos, found in the Power Plant near the Rock Tunnel. He taught the value of Courage and did so by first attempting to scare Leif before fighting a short battle. After Aerodactyl was able to hit Zapdos strong enough to dislodge a feather, Zapdos said that the test had been passed, and allowed Leif to keep the feather.


The third and final teacher, Moltres, was found on top of Mt. Ember. He taught the value of Focus, again a test passed by Leif simply being able to make it all the way up the mountain. Like the others, Moltres gave Leif a feather to keep with him.

Gym LeadersEdit


City: Pewter City

Type: Rock/Ground


Flint is a hard-nosed leader and the father of better-known Pewter Gym Leader Brock. Like Brock would later, Flint uses a Geodude and Onix in battle, both of which were easily defeated by Fushi.

Daisy, Violet, and LilyEdit

City: Cerulean City

Type: Water

Battle Rules: 1-on-1

Badge: Cascade Badge

The three Cerulean sisters and older sisters of better-known Cerulean Gym Leader Misty. They rotate which sister battles opponents, as they have a lot of challengers and are often beaten easily. On this particular occasion, Daisy battled Leif with her Goldeen, which was easily defeated by Fushi.

Lt. SurgeEdit

City: Vermillion City

Type: Electric

Battle Rules: ???

Badge: Thunder Badge; Leif did not battle for this badge

When Leif reached Vermillion City, Lt. Surge was not in the Gym, having been called off to someplace unknown. As such, Leif did not battle him.


City: Celadon City

Type: Grass

Battle Rules: ???

Badge: Rainbow Badge; Leif did not battle for this badge

In Celadon City, Leif got caught up in the Team Rocket operation in the Game Corner. By this point, he had forgotten about taking on the League challenge in full, and so did not face Erika.


City: Saffron City

Type: Psychic

Battle Rules: ???

Badge: Marsh Badge; Leif did not battle for this badge

Leif and Daisy met Sabrina very briefly after they had fought the blackbelts inside the Karate Dojo. It was Sabrina who explained to Leif that something or someone was trying to get to Leif using telepathy. This later turned out to be Mew. Through this, they were able to find out that the Silph Co. Building was under attack from Team Rocket.


City: Fuchsia City

Type: Poison

Battle Rules: ???

Badge: Soul Badge; Leif did not battle for this badge

Koga, current Gym Leader, future Elite Four member and father of later Fuchsia City Gym Leader Janine. Leif did not meet or battle him.


City: Cinnabar Island

Type: Fire

Battle Rules: 2-on-2

Badge: Volcano Badge

Blaine is a Gym Leader, the head scientist of the Cinnabar Island Pokemon Lab, and the head scientist for Team Rocket. After the Aerodactyl was revitalized, Leif was able to capture it. Seeing this deed, Blaine challenged Leif to a battle, with the winner keeping the Aerodactyl. Blaine used Rhydon and Magmar, while Leif used Fushi and his newly-caught Aerodactyl. After losing, Blaine gave Leif the badge as a way of controlling the Aerodactyl. Blaine also told Leif that he should go to the Sevii Islands, though meaning it as a wild goose chase and not as legitamate advice.


City: Viridian City

Type: Ground

Battle Rules: Unknown for normal battles; Fought Leif and Daisy in a 8-on-12 Double Battle with Blaine

Badge: Earth Badge

Giovanni is the leader of Team Rocket and also the final Gym Leader. His short-term goal is to somehow capture Mew, though his long-term goals are unknown. He and Blaine fought a Double Battle against Leif and Daisy where Giovanni used Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Golem, and Rhydon. He is also known to have a Kangaskhan. During the battle, Team Rocket did quite well, killing 4 of Dasiy's Pokemon and 3 of Leif's. In the end, Mew protected Leif and ended the battle, though now Team Rocket knew for certain that Mew existed.

Team RocketEdit

Team Rocket, the major criminal orginization in the Kanto region, first comes to Leif's attention in Pewter City, where they are trying to steal the Old Amber, a fossil which supposedly containes the DNA of an ancient extinct Pokemon. Leif is able to prevent them from doing so, and at all times since then, Team Rocket has kept their eyes on him.

Team Rocket is led by Giovanni, also later revealed to be the Viridian City Gym Leader. His plans in Kanto revolve around finding Mew, a very rare Pokemon that most experts would say doesn't even exist. It is unclear what Giovanni wants Mew for, but considering the power that Mew wields, it could be for any number of uses. It is also shown in Adventures in Hoenn that Team Rocket took over the Space Center in Mossdeep City, though the purpose of this is not explained in this story.

The group is also assisted by Blaine, their lead scientist and Cinnabar Island Gym Leader. He is the one who knew about the Old Amber and in fact made sure that Leif got to his island lab with the Amber intact. However, the Aerodactyl which was birthed from the old DNA destroyed the lab before being caught by Lazy, much to Blaine's surprise. Blaine and Giovanni together battle Leif and Daisy at the Viridian City Gym, which leads to the deaths of most of the participants' Pokemon as well as the destruction of the Gym.

Although beaten at this stage, Mew made it clear to Leif that he could not completely vanquish Team Rocket at this point. Thus, the organization continues to operate, but only in Johto.


  • Leif was found in Viridian Forest on the Spring Solstice, March 21. At the time, doctors estimated him to be 6 months old, so his adoptive parents began using October 1st for his birthdate.
  • According to Nyara, the only Pokemon on Leif's team to speak regularly, Pokemon must choose to learn how to speak human language.
  • Nyara is also the only Pokemon in the story to actually kill a human, doing so to multiple Team Rocket grunts in the Pokemon Tower.
  • The nicknames of Leif's Pokemon are based on the Pokemon's Japanese name. This is not to say that Leif knows Japanese.


You can find the complete Adventures in Kanto on staugustine6's dA.

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