Adventures in Johto Titlepage

Adventures in Johto Titlepage

Adventures in Johto is a written Nuzlocke, or storylocke, written by StAugustine6 of deviantART. It is currently on-going, with the first page published on August 28, 2012


Adventures in Johto is the sequel to Adventures in Hoenn and Adventures in Kanto, with the three protagonists of those stories, Saint, May, and Leif, coming together to continue their adventures.

Adventures in Johto
by StAugustine6
Began August 28, 2012
Status Ongoing
# Chapters/Updates 26 pages
Finished N/A
Game information
Game Not based on any actual gameplay
Region Johto
Chosen starter's type Grass/Water/Fire
Comic description
Media Written
Coloring Black and White
Protagonist 2 Males

1 Female

Story details
Genre Fanfiction
Plot A sequel to Adventures in Hoenn and Adventures in Kanto find our heroes still looking for answers.
Pokemon Human/Pokemon
Nuzlocke Forum
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Main CharactersEdit

Augustine "Saint" CarterEdit

After defeating the Elite Four and Champion in Hoenn, Saint forwent his opprotunity to be the Champion in order to continue seeking answers to the continued untimely deaths of Pokemon. He is taking on the League Challenge in Johto as he did in Hoenn.

Saint's Pokemon --

  • Rose (Chikorita > Bayleef)
  • Gnaw (Rattata) DEAD
  • Dracul (Zubat > Golbat)
  • Mimik (Ditto)
  • Ion (Eevee)
  • Toxi (Tentacool)
  • Armaldo (un-nicknamed)

May BirchEdit

May decided to go along with Saint, as she enjoyed traveling with him. There are no contests in Johto, however, so her only true role is moral support and problem-solving.

May's Pokemon --

  • Aqua (Totodile > Croconaw)
  • Xena (Jigglypuff)
  • Togi (Togepi)
  • Cradily (un-nicknamed)


Leif was told by Mew that his adventures would continue in the Johto region. Unfortunately, due to something that even Mew cannot explain, they are unable to directly communicate through telepathy. However, Leif now possesses an Unown which can act as a middle man between the two.

Leif's Pokemon --

  • Arashi (Cyndaquil > Quilava)
  • Fumei (Unown)
  • Kenko (Paras) On loan from the Kimono Girls
  • Striker (Scyther) DEAD
  • Usoki (Sudowoodo) DEAD
  • Shuckie (Shuckle) On loan from the young man in Cianwood City
  • Aerodactyl (un-nicknamed)


Silver is a mysterious, shadowy individual who seems to be on a mission of his own. That mission is unknown, but he gets very upset whenever he runs into Saint and the others, as he feels they are getting in his way.

Silver's Pokemon --

  • Ursula (Zubat)
  • Nightmare (Gastly > Haunter)
  • Newton (Magnemite)
  • Houdini (Abra)
  • Snee (Sneasel) Stolen from the young man in Cianwood City

Minor CharactersEdit

Kimono GirlsEdit

The Kimono Girls of Ecruteak City hold dual duties. The first is to be the ceremonial dancers in Ecruteak City, and the second is to be the keepers of myths and legends for the Johto Region. Koume was the first the heroes encountered, after she saved them in the Ilex Forest after they had inhaled PoisonPowder from a group of Vileplume. At the time she gave Kenko, an unhealthy Paras, to Leif as a way to improve its health. The others were met in Ecruteak City where they engaged on a series of matches based around typing, Sumomo v. May, Koume v. Leif, and Satsuki v. Saint.

  • Koume -- Flareon (also loaned Kenko to Leif)
  • Tamao -- Umbreon
  • Sumomo -- Vaporeon
  • Satsuki -- Jolteon


Eusine is a specialist in mythology and legend and was educated at Celedon University. While there, he made many trips to Ecruteak City, the most historic town in Johto to do research with Morty. He first met our heroes after Saint broke through the floor of the Burned Tower. He offered to use his Drowzee, Dreamer, to life Saint out of the basement after witnessing Saint wake up the Legendary Beasts. He also explained the strage things that were happening to Morty and the Ecruteak City Gym.

Gym LeadersEdit


City: Violet City

Type: Flying

Battle Rules: 2-on-2 Double Battle

Badge: Zephyr Badge

Falkner's battlefield sits at the top of a tall skyscraper. He used Doduo and Pidgeotto, Saint used Armaldo. Falkner was unlucky that Saint had just lost a Pokemon and wasn't feeling very well, and so easily crushed Falkner's birds.

Azalea Town Gym LeaderEdit

City: Azalea Town

Type: Bug

Battle Rules: Free-for-all

Badge: Hive Badge

The Azalea Town Gym was very mysterious, even to the townspeople. The Poke Ball craftsman Kurt told Saint that sometimes people or Pokemon entered the Gym and never came out. The Gym Leader used harsh survival tactics to beat his opponents into submission using Pinsir, Heracross, and Scyther, all of whom battle to their own wits, with no need for the trainer to give orders. Saint used Dracul for reconissance, while using Armaldo, Arashi, and Aerodactyl for battle. Afterwards, the Gym Leader disappeared to parts unknown, never to be seen or heard from again.


City: Goldenrod City

Type: Normal

Battle Rules: 2-on-2

Badge: Plain Badge

Whitney and Saint are old school-age rivals from the Pokemon Trainer's School, where Saint performed better than Whitney. It is thought that Saint would have been offered the job of Gym Leader, but with his move, the job was given to Whitney. Whitney uses Clefairy and Miltank, while Saint used Armaldo and Mimik. Miltank was actually able to hit Armaldo enough times to force a switch, but was too tired to beat Mimik.


City: Ecruteak City

Type: Ghost

Battle Rules: 3-on-3

Badge: Fog Badge

When Saint and the others made it to Morty's Gym, they were told that he was not being himself. It turned out that a Gengar, not originally Morty's but now acting as his Pokemon, was controlling his mind. Saint used Ion to beat Gastly and Haunter, and Dracul for the Gengar. After defeating the Gengar, its hold on Morty was lost and he returned to normal.


City: Cianwood City

Type: Fighting

Battle Rules: Unknown; Fought Leif and Saint with 2 Pokemon

Badge: Storm Badge; Saint defeated Chuck but did not receive this badge.

Chuck and his gang was running amok in Cianwood City, terrorizing the townspeople and bringing trouble to the local Pokemon. After Saint, May, and Leif beat down three of these thugs, Chuck appeared to challenge them. Leif stepped up to fight first, using Striker and Usoki against Chuck's Primeape and Poliwrath. However, Leif's Pokemon were killed, forcing Saint to fight next. Using Rose and Dracul, Saint succeeded in killing Primeape and defeating Chuck. Chuck was then arrested and is currently awaiting a decision from the League.

Team RocketEdit

Though suffering multiple set-backs at the hands of Leif in Kanto, Team Rocket continues their operations in the Johto Region.

The first time they are seen in Johto is at the Slowpoke Well in Azalea Town, where they are attempting to harvest SlowpokeTails for reasons unknown.

Mysterious VoiceEdit

Like Giovanni in Kanto, where he was shown speaking to grunts about Leif and his plans before he was properly introduced as a character, a person is shown in a similar role in Johto. However, it seems more concerned with the goings-on at the Azalea, Ecruteak, and Cianwood Gym and their leaders. Also, it has been proven that the person is a woman, though her identity, whereabouts, and goals are unknown.


  • Like he did in Kanto, Leif nicknames his Pokemon based on their Japanese names. However, this is not to imply that Leif speaks Japanese.


You can find the complete Adventures in Johto on staugustine6's dA

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