Adventures in Hoenn follows Augustine "Saint" Carter as he travels through the Hoenn Region. It is a written Nuzlocke, also called a storylocke, by StAugustine6 on deviantART. The first page was published on June 1, 2012 and was completed on August 23, 2012. Although a Nuzlocke, this story is not based on any actual gameplay.

Adventures in Hoenn
by StAugustine6
Began June 1, 2012
Status Completed
# Chapters/Updates 71 pages
Finished August 23, 2012
Game information
Game Not based on any actual gameplay.
Region Hoenn
Chosen starter's type Water
Comic description
Media Written
Coloring Black and white
Protagonist Male
Story details
Genre Fanfiction
Plot Saint Carter takes on the League Challenge of the Hoenn Region.
Pokemon Human/Pokemon
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Augustine Carter, known to his friends as Saint, arrives with his parents, Norman and Eliza, to their new home in Littleroot Town. Norman has taken the job of Petalburg's Gym Leader after being a trainer in the Goldenrod Gym for some time. Shortly upon his arrival, Saint meets May Birch and her father, Professor James Birch, who informs him of a sudden phenomenon of Pokemon dying in-battle when they should only faint. Saint takes it upon himself to take the League Challenge and figure out the cause of this problem.


Main CharactersEdit

Augustine "Saint" CarterEdit

Saint was living in his hometown of Goldenrod City, where he was the top of his class at the Pokemon Trainer's School, even above his well-known classmate, Whitney. Even though he is 18, and thus legally allowed to go on his independent journey, his parents convinced him to move with them and start his journey in Hoenn. He takes on the League as a means to the end of figuring out things about Pokemon death. Eventually, he won all 8 League Badges and defeated the Elite Four. However, he did not take on the mantle of the Champion due to the fact that he had yet to solve the mystery of Pokemon death, and thus traveled to Johto.

List of Saint's Pokemon --

  • Sampson (Mudkip > Marshtomp > Swampert)
  • Zag (Zigzagoon > Linoone)
  • Charcoal (Poochyena > Mightyena)
  • Sting (Wurmple > Cascoon > Dustox) DEAD
  • Sam (Slakoth)
  • Nicole (Nincada)
  • Toxi (Tentacool)
  • Mack (Makuhita > Hariyama) DEAD
  • Lisa (Electrike > Manectric)
  • Melanie (Numel) DEAD
  • Castor (Swablu > Altaria)
  • Anorith > Armaldo (un-nicknamed)

May BirchEdit

May is the daughter of Professor James Birch and Mary Birch of Littleroot Town. She often helped her father with his field research prior to traveling with Saint to gather information. She did battle and defeat the first two Gym Leaders, but then switched her focus to competing in contests. Eventually, she won all 5 Master Rank Pokemon Contests in Lilycove City.

List of May's Pokemon --

  • Gecks (Treecko > Groyvle > Sceptile)
  • Zig (Zigzagoon > Linoone)
  • Skit (Surskit > Masquerain)
  • Phillip (Wingull > Pelipper) DEAD
  • Wuwu (EGG > Wynaut > Wobbuffett)
  • Cactrus (Cacnea)
  • Lileep > Cradily (un-nicknamed)

Minor CharactersEdit


Wally is a relatively sickly young man who Saint met in Petalburg as Wally was looking to capture his first Pokemon. With Saint's help, he succeeded in capturing a Ralts whom he named Rulu. After moving to Verdanturf with his aunt and uncle, Saint and May met him in Mauville where it was shown that Rulu had evolved into Kirlia. After losing a battle to Saint, Wally decided to remain in Verdanturf for the time being to train.

Zach TurgeonEdit

Zach Turgeon is a researcher with the Devon Corporation who met Saint in the Petalburg Woods. After Saint fought off a Team Magma member, Zach put in a good word for him with the President of the coporation. When Saint met him again after coming through the Rusturf Tunnel, it was shown that Zach had caught a Shroomish he had named Samurai and it had evolved into Breloom. After winning a battle against Samurai, Mack evolved into Hariyama.

Winstrate FamilyEdit

The Winstrate Family lives just north of Mauville City. Their favorite passtime is challenging trainers who pass by to battle the entire family. Saint and May split the family between them, with May facing Vivi and Victoria and Saint facing Victor and Vicki. It was also shown that Vivi has a tendency to flirt with all the young male trainers who come around.

  • Vivi -- Aqua (Marill)
  • Victoria -- Rose (Roselia)
  • Victor -- Zoom (Zigzagoon)
  • Vicki -- Tate (Meditite)

Katy SpencerEdit

Katy Spencer is a young trainer from Lavaridge Town who, like Saint, is taking the League challenge. She also competes in contests, but only to train her Pokemon against what she sees as weaker competition. She battled both Saint and May in the Verdanturf Pokemon Contest with her Skarmory, Skar-Skar, defeating Charcoal and Skit. She shows little remorse and no qualms about injuring her opponents, hurting Charcoal so badly that Saint was forced to leave her at the Pokemon Center for some time.

Hidden FraternityEdit

There are a group of men situated around Hoenn whose job it is to pass along and teach secret techniques which will help trainers get along on their journey. They communicate with each other so that they know the up-and-coming trainers that they should keep an eye on.

  • Nick Sawyer, Cut, Rustboro City
  • Cornelius Rocker, Rock Smash, Mauville City
  • Roger Carpenter, Strength, Verdanturf Town

Gym LeadersEdit


City: Rustboro City

Type: Rock

Battle Rules: 3-on-3

Badge: Stone Badge

Roxanne was the top student at the Pokemon Trainer's School in Rustboro before being appointed as Gym Leader. She uses two Geodude and a Nosepass. Although Saint was able to sweep them with Sampson, the Mudkip needed to evolve into Marshtomp in order to beat Nosepass.


City: Dewford Town

Type: Fighting

Battle Rules: 2-on-2

Badge: Knuckle Badge

Saint fought Brawly immediately following May's victory. Brawly used Machop and Makuhita, both of whom were defeated by Sting.


City: Mauville City

Type: Electric

Battle Rules: 3-on-3

Badge: Dynamo Badge

Wattson is known as a fun-loving guy who loves nothing more than an interesting battle. He used Voltorb, Magneton, and Manectric in his battle with Saint. Sampson would have completed a true sweep if Saint hadn't chosen to use Charcoal's Theif attack to steal Manectric's Sitrus Berry.


City: Lavaridge Town

Type: Fire

Battle Rules: 1-on-1

Badge: Heat Badge

Cinder Moore is a former member of the Elite Four and grandfather of later Lavaridge Town Gym Leader Flannery. He is well-traveled and highly experienced. Against Saint he used his top Pokemon, Typhlosion, while Saint used Sampson, who evolved into Swampert during the battle.


City: Petalburg City

Type: Normal

Battle Rules: 3-on-3

Badge: Balance Badge

Norman Carter is Saint's father, and a former Gym Trainer in Goldenrod City. He used Linoone, Spinda, and Slaking in the battle while Saint used Sampson, Mack, and Charcoal.


City: Foretree City

Type: Flying

Battle Rules: 3-on-3

Badge: Feather Badge

Winona's battlefield is at the top of a large pyramid, situated specifically for aerial battle. She used Pelipper, Skarmory, and Altaria while Saint used Lisa, Charcoal, and Sampson. The highlight of this battle was Charcoal defeating Skarmory, enacting a bit of revenge for the damage she had sustained at the hand's of Katy's Spencer's Skarmory.

Mossdeep City Gym LeaderEdit

City: Mossdeep City

Type: ???; Presumably Psychic

Battle Rules: ???

Badge: Mind Badge

When Saint and May reached Mossdeep City, they found the town almost completely abandonded due to Team Rocket overtaking the Space Center. Those who left the island included the local Gym Leader, whose whereabouts were unknown. Stephen Stone told them that the League had appointed him as a temporary leader. However, instead of battling Saint, Stephen gave him the badge due to his battling in the Space Center. As of the end of the story, the Mossdeep was still without a full-time Gym Leader.


City: Sootopolis City

Type: Water

Battle Rules: 4-on-4

Badge: Rain Badge

Being the last Gym Leader, Wallace had found himself quite bored, not having a challenger in some time. He admitted that he had completed wiped out his last challenger, something he most regretted. He used Seaking, Whiscash, Sealeo, and Milotic. Saint countered with Lisa and Castor. Wallace was much more adapt at using his Pokemon's abilities in battle such as Swift Swim and Recover.

Elite FourEdit


Type: Dark

Battle Rules: 4-on-4 Double Battle

The first member of the Elite Four, Sidney battles his opponents in almost complete darkness. He used Mightyena, Shiftry, Absol, and Cacturne. Saint only needed to use Mack and Castor, taking out each of Sidney's Pokemon in one hit.


Type: Ghost

Battle Rules: 4-on-4

Phoebe is the granddaughter of the elderly couple who watch over the Red and Blue Orbs atop Mt. Pyre. She uses two Dusclops, Banette, and Sableye, all of whom were defeated by Charcoal.


Type: Ice

Battle Rules: 4-on-4

Glacia is a well-traveled Ice Pokemon trainer who tries to use decit to win battles, starting with both of her Glalie at the same time. She also has Sealeo and Walrein. Saint defeated her with Mack and Lisa.


Type: Dragon

Battle Rules: 4-on-4

Drake is a sea captain aside from being a member of the Elite Four. He uses Shelgon, Altaria, Flygon, and Salamence. Sampson alone almost took down all four with one Ice Beam, though Salamence needed a second to be defeated.

Stephen Stone IIEdit

Type: Steel

Battle Rules: 6-on-6

Stephen Stone is the son of the President of the Devon Corporation and a known collector of precious stones. Stephen is a much more strategic battler than the other members of the Elite Four, switching out when need-be and using varied movesets on his Pokemon. He uses Skarmory, Claydol, Cradily, Armaldo, Metagross, and Aggron. Saint countered with Lisa, Castor, Mack, and Sampson. Stephen was the one and only Gym Leader or Elite Four member to kill one of Saint's Pokemon, downing Mack with his Armaldo's Aerial Ace attack.

Team Aqua and Team MagmaEdit

The two warring criminal organizations in the Hoenn Region, Team Aqua and Team Magma both use Pokemon to complete their missions of expanding the ocean, and expanding the land, respectively. The two groups hate each other ferverently, particularly their leaders, Archibald "Archie" Swansea and Maximillian "Maxie" Everton

Saint first encountered Team Magma in Petalburg Woods and then outside Rustboro City, keeping them from obtaining the Devon Goods, the package for Captain Stern in Slateport containing a part for his submarine. From that point on Maxie kept tabs on his whereabouts. They had more success of the two, gaining the Meteorite from Meteor Falls to run a machine to make Mt. Chimney erupt. However, upon defeating Maxie to retrieve the rock, Saint found that the machine was not hooked-up and did not work.

Saint did not even know Team Aqua existed until they showed up to thwart Magma's plans to obtain the Meteorite at Meteor Falls. Though appearing to be allies at first, it was later shown that Archie was only using Saint as another way to mess with Maxie's plans in order to carry out his own.

Eventually, both sides met at the top of Mt. Pyre, attempting to steal the Blue and Red Orbs, objects that were said to be able to awaken the legendary Pokemon Groudon and Kyogre. However, Saint and May fought both teams and arrested both leaders and most of their gangs. It was stated later in "Adventures in Johto" that Archie and Maxie had both been given one-year prison sentences for their actions.


  • May is actually older than Saint by one week.
  • Saint is named after his maternal grandfather Augustine. Eliza named him herself as Norman was not in town at the time of Saint's birth.
  • According to Zag, the main English-speaking Pokemon on Saint's team, the ability of Pokemon to learn/speak human language is dependent on where they are. A Pokemon who lives close to a city or in a lab can learn it easier and faster than a Pokemon who lives in the wild.


You can find the complete Adventures in Hoenn on staugustine6's dA.

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