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Across the Black Skies, originally a Black 2, but was reported to have switched over to Blaze Black 2 (of which was never made apparent due to the hiatus and stage of play at the time of the switch), Story-Locke by Tinkerfel, labelled by the author as 'mature' and carries a 'trigger warning', although the later is precautionary as the author isn't sure whether this should be true or not. Written in the first person, it follows the protagonist Jet's thought patterns, and on occassions, spans away to cover events outside of Jet's knowledge.

As of September 2013 the run was put on hiatus as Tinkerfel had been unable to keep the save file from being corrupt numberous times over. She has reported to come back to this run in the future once she has a more stable way of playing her Blaze Black 2 rom.


  1. If it faints, it's dead.  Dead pokemon are to be boxed forever.
  2. Catch only the first Pokemon on each route.
  3. Pokemon caught in Dream World are subject to Rule 2, per area. Hidden Groves are counted as routes.
  4. Dupes Clause is on. A duplicate within evolution line can be skipped if it is the first on a route. There are 5 chances to get a non-dupe before route is 'Failed'
  5. Shiny Pokémon are fair game. As are Legends.
  6. Everything has a nickname.
  7. Events/Gifts/Trades are allowed.


Fifthteen year old Jet Signoir, has yet to awaken a single morning without either screaming, crying or just shivering. Haunted by what many would see as a 'minor event' where she lost her left hand ring finger to an unknown source, she became a hermit. Her father abandoning her and her mother, they move to Aspertia. But a gift awaits her on the eve of the Aspertia Gym's opening from the man Jet refuses to acknowledge. Challenged out of the blue by new, and at the time unknown, Gym Leader Cheren will not let Jet turn down the challenge, his goal for her to bond with her Snorunt gifted to her. Whilst she still doesn't like it, Jet still goes out and meets with young breeder Gray, gifting her an Oshawott, ex-Champion Alder, and a happy little Sunkern named Himmy. Little does she know that the simplest action six years prior has shifted her destiny to one that will draw her from her dark bedroom, to the limelight of Unova.


The following may or may not be factual

  • Jet began life in Tinkerfel's mind as a green haired transgender protagonist for an incomplete Colloseum run.
  • Himmy the Sunkern is in fact Catbug
  • Tinkerfel literally has spent <at time of chapter 10> a total of 10 minutes on plot planning. 8 minutes of which contain abandoned concepts.
  • Tinkerfel has promised and bet £100 that Himmy will make it to the league and never leave the party.
  • She updates daily when not distracted.


Across the Black Skies has a thread on the Nuzlocke Forums.

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