Our heroes: Cheren, Bianca, and Scott waiting to recieve their Pokemon

The Shocking Volt White Challenge Run(SVCR) is a newer Nuzlocke comic by KingOfTheKarps

The comic will have a decent amount of comedy but has very serious undertones. Though it's still new and the art style varies the first few pages, it will be very consistent starting after the 3rd page or so.

The First Page (Page 0) was posted March 27th, 2013


SVCR follows the standard Nuzlocke rules, plus a popular fan clause:

  1. You may only catch the first Pokemon you find in each area
  2. If a Pokemon faints it is considered dead


What is planned:

  • A backstory behind the normal plot
  • A cooler N
  • Special Memorial comic for dead Pokemon


it can be found on KingOfTheKarps dA page

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